iPad mini --Saving in one place photos sent as attachments to emails that I receive o


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I would appreciate learning how I can save in one place on an iPad mini photos that I receive as attachments to emails that I receive on the iPad ?

HOW do I download them?

WHERE are the downloaded photos stored? (Apparently NOT in the "Photos" icon where the photos I take using the iPad's camera are stored.)

HOW can I rename those stored photos to titles that I choose?

FWIW, my mini is a Model MF083LL/A.

Thanks for your help. wdc


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The photos you save are put into your camera roll. Mixed in with everything else.

So yes they should be in the Photos App in the Camera Roll.

Typically you download them by tapping the square box with the arrow pointing up, and choose Save Image in the Apple Mail app.

Other mail apps may have different prompts.

What are you seeing?