iPad 2 sync error (-50) : how do I identify bad image(s)?


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I have a recurring error when I try to sync my iPad 2: I get "The iPad cannot by synced. An unknown error occurred (-50)."

I've researched andswers and:
1. Removed the photo cache folder (didn't help but now only photos on iPad are the Camera Roll)
2. Restored from backup (still get an error, although the (number) might be different)
3. Reset the iPad to new and restored from backup (failed again, only now no 3rd party apps or photos except Camera Roll)
4. Reset the iPad and synced it as a new device (still get the error, only now of course even the Camera Roll is empty)

So what I've done now is reset the iPad and set it to only sync photos. No music, movies, contacts, calendars, apps, etc. Just photos.

I get the (-50) error trying to sync. So it is obvious that I have one or more corrupted images in my iPhoto library.

Assuming removing the bad photo(s) will solve the problem, how do I identify which one(s) it is?


(Mac OS 10.6.8, iTunes 10.4.1, iPhoto 8.1.2, iOS 4.3.5)
Are you syncing photos from iPhoto or through a folder on your computer? iPhoto should let you know if there are any corrupted image files in its library. Additionally, when syncing from iPhoto (which is done through iTunes), you aren't syncing with the physical files but rather your iPhoto library cache. That is why it takes a lot less time to sync from your iPhoto library than it does from a physical folder. iPhoto makes the appropriate photos to sync to your iPad and you don't have to rely on iTunes to do that.


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I'm syncing through iPhoto. iPhoto does not mention corrupted files. iTunes mentions them, by failing during syncing. I am ONLY syncing photos, so it's not any other kind of file. I have deleted the iPhoto cache once and rebuilt it during a sync. That did not seem to solve the problem.


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I'm just posting a quick resolution in case anyone else comes here. What worked for me was to delete the iPod Photo Cache (right-click on your iPhoto Library, usually found in your Pictures directory, and select Show Package Contents, then delete the whole iPod Photo Cache folder) AND to sync the iPad as a new device. I have 25,000 photos and rebuilding the iPod Photo Cache took about 5 hours. That was before syncing.

Because I'm starting effectively with a wiped, fresh iPad, getting all the apps, books, music, etc. back to where I was before this all started will probably take me a few days to a week.