iOS 10.3 upgrade - Choose your iCloud settings wisely


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This looked like a nice upgrade, Ear Pod finding, new file system, Car Play upgrades, and more. You can see a better write up on iLounge: Apple releases iOS 10.3 with Find My AirPods, Siri + CarPlay improvements | iLounge News

The interesting thing on this upgrade is iCloud access is enabling 2 factor authentication by default. This was a bit of a surprise. Especially when it did not clearly indicate this was the path it was going to take.

Once on this road, you are kind of stuck on it until the upgrade process is complete. You can't seem to change your mind after choosing the default. So when you are prompted, take a look at the Choose Other Options link to see what they offer and pick the one that makes you most comfortable.

If you picked the default, it will ask you to re-enter your iCloud password, which is good, that means the upgrade does not retain it, and you need to be present to enable access to your iCloud.

Then it asks for confirmation on a different device. The second factor part. It seemed to pick a random device, one that was not here, and it was after midnight, so I didn't want it waking up unsuspecting people. There is an option to change devices, so I picked a different device. Where it got a text message from Apple with a code, that got the upgrade past that step.

The next part was a surprise. The upgrade process prompted for a 4 digit code to access Key Chain. There was no option to skip. Just enter the code, or forgot the code, or reset key chain.

Having never used Key Chain, I don't have a code. So trying Forgot the Code, found that it wanted confirmation from a different device that your device can access Key Chain. No devices use Key Chain, so that can't work.

The only option was to reset key chain, which gives a dire warning that all previous passwords in the key chain will be removed. There was nothing there so that seemed fine. Then it prompts for the iCloud password again, then says it sent a code to another device for confirmation. Checking 3 of the 5 devices, there was no code. Tapped on the Did Not Receive a code link, and selected a known device (this time it didn't show the device that was getting the code) and got the code for the 2nd factor. Entered it and completed the upgrade process.

There was an email congratulating me on choosing 2 factor authentication with a FAQ link and a disable 2 factor authentication link. Following the latter, they require that you change the Apple password to remove it. Something I didn't want to bother with at midnight, and after the frustration of the two factor authentication hoop jumping.

So when prompted for iCloud settings on the iOS 10.3 upgrade, choose wisely. You may be surprised if you choose the default.


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Well, although I have had two factor authentication on for awhile it's nice to have the heads-up. This does seem like a significant update and the geek part of me is pretty excited by the APFS.