I wish I had gotten a blue (original blue) shuffle


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I love my pink and I was thinking of getting the blue, but what now? I don't love the new colors, they seem a bit washed out.


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I'm sure quite a few stores still have the original colours available. I saw pink and green in Wal Mart today- they didn't have any new iPods.

Tommy B.

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Yeah, check the big box stores; somebody must still have some original colours. Wife got me an orange one last Friday for my birthday (don't like the new colours).


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Apple doesn't MAKE them anymore but there are still new ones out there it'll take a month or so to get rid of them all.


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Crap, I didn't know they were discontinuing the original colours! I wanted to get an orange one during the Christmas season... I guess I should look for one now.


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I ordered an original green shuffle from www.saveoncomps.com a week or so after Apple released the Easter-ish colors. It came in the mail last Friday. When I ordered from there they only had silver and green in stock. It was brand new and only $69.00 with free shipping ($10 less than retail)! I'd check there to see if they have any left.


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Check the refurbished area of Apple Store. Last I checked you can find it by looking at the bottom right area of the home page store.apple.com. They keep moving it.


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like many have stated already in the apple online store they have refurbs of all the old iPods in the special deals/clearance section. it's towards the bottom of the page. also, you might want to check best buy and walmart. the ones by me have tons of the old shuffles in all the colors.