I pre-ordered and now what?


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i preordered a cd on itunes, how do i check if its on my automatic preorder download list? also how come on my alerts it has the preorder album and it shows the same album with a buy album icon, but when i search it, it only comes up with buy album. Im scared if i click buy album ill get 2 copies help! btw its avenged sevenfold i preodered
when the album is available they will email you that it is available for download.

Additionally, going to the store will sometimes tell you you have something waiting.

To manage your downloads expected, log into your iTunes store account by clicking on your account name in the store. There should be a link to check for things to download.

You can also go to "check for purchases" in the advanced menu.

Whatever you do, do not click on the "buy album" link in store.

Good luck.