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first let me say....i'm not very good at computers....i'm 70 and these things are not made for an old fogie like me.......hopefully someone here can help me.
I have an I Pod nano.......I've had it for a couple years....when I got it I downloaded some songs and put them in I tunes.......no problem.......
so I recently received something from I tunes saying $10 per month for unlimited songs......I said great and signed up for that.
Using I tunes I picked a bunch of songs and attempted to put them on the I pod......no way this is working.
The songs I have on the Ipod now were put on there using another computer which crashed and I replaced it with this one. HP Notebook.
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong. It will not sync with one another. the old songs show up on my iTunes when I connect the I pod to it.
I've been fooling with this for two days now and started to think, it's just not to be.
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
I am using the newest version of I tunes.
Thank you in advance.
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Yeah the iTunes Music is not compatible with an iPod Nano. You have to have an iPhone or use iTunes as the tracks can't be synced to an iPod device (or even the iPhone, you have to stream the music over a network).

I think you should contact Apple Support and ask for a refund and cancel your iTunes Music subscription.

Once iTunes Music is removed, then you can re-download your purchased music from iTunes (if it is on the store still) by clicking on the Music section of iTunes, then right click the Purchased playlist and choose Check For Available Downloads to see if you can get them back that way.

If that does not work you can go to the iTunes Store in iTunes. Click on Purchased (it is located on the right side about 1/2 way down) then that will show you all the tracks you bought that are not on your current machine. Click the cloud in the upper right corner of the album art to download the files to your computer.