I need some help...yes I checked the stickies1


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I looked through the stickies, but I couldn't find my answer. I'm sure it's probably there, but there is so much I missed it.

I have some books that I put on iTunes and onto my iPod. I want them to show up in the Audiobooks section of my iPod, not my music.

I opened iTunes, found the files, right clicked and converted them to ACC files...

Now what? I can't seem to figure out the next step. Somebody help, please!
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Use the SEARCH feature and type in Audiobook. You will find lots of articles on this very subject.

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YeGads...I can really understand that the same questions do get repetitive, but really...Why bother to reply at all if your answer is "search"? The OP said he had, and did not find an answer, and I can admit, searching is not all it's cracked up to be.

The simple answer is that you cannot "make" an audiobook that is not from iTunes or Audible show up in the Audiobooks section of your iPod without the use of a third party program.

You can make it bookmarkable and set it to skip in shuffle, but if you are like me, you really just want it in the right place.

Check out the threads dealing with Markable, a wonderful third party program that lets you merge tracks (like all the tracks from one CD, and then all the CD's into designated sections of an audiobook.)

The program if inexpensive and worth it to those of us who really want or need to have things "in the right place."

I believe there is a trial version available, give it a shot, I think you'll be pleased.


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Sheesh if you're going to give out information make sure it is correct. The obvious questions indicate the OP didn't even try to find the answers.

You can "make" and audiobook that is not from iTunes or Audible show up in the Audiobooks section of your iPod with just iTunes and Windows. No 3rd party tools needed.

Rip the CDs Disc at once. Change the extension from m4a to m4b with xcopy, delete or move the m4a version then right click on each song in iTunes and choose Get Info, and select the new file extension version. Use smart playlists to mange them.

If you want to spend money on 3rd party software, go ahead. You don't have to.

Search works well. Try searching on xcopy to get the command. Try searching on Disc at Once for how to do that. Search for smart playlist audiobook to find stuff on that.