How to pair bluetooth headphones with iPod Classic


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Hii... How to sync wireless headphone with ipod classic?

I have a wireless headphones which can be used by bluetooth connectivity but ipod classic is not set for bluetooth devices. So, Is there any gadget which fixes this problem???


I had been searching for this answer recently as well as because I am in love with my Jaybird X3s but have been neglecting my iPod Classic because of them. I just ordered the Airfly by Twelve South as reviewed here:
Review: Twelve South AirFly for Wireless Headphones | iLounge

I am hoping this will work with the Jaybird headphones. I considered the Kokkia i10s 30-pin adapter which seems to be popular but I did not want to burden the battery on the classic with that device. I also considered numerous other popular bluetooth 3.5mm transmitters out there among my google searches for ipod classic and Jaybird X3 - like those by TaoTronics. I just like the aesthetic and portability of the Airfly so I decided to try it. Really hope it works out.
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