How to make mp3 Audio books list under Audiobooks?


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I've got quite few mp3 audiobooks I've had for awhile now but when I drag or import them to my Ipod they appear under music. I would like them to appear under Audiobooks in the menu. How do you go about that? I've gone to the "Get Info" but there isn't an audio books category.

Jesse Hollington

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I believe that audio tracks will only show up as audiobooks if they're converted to "M4B" (AAC audiobook format) files. There are some tools available that will help you do this, and I'd recommend taking a look at the stickies in our Books & Spoken Word forum for more details.


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Or not bother with the Audiobooks section and use an Audiobooks Playlist. Once you get into multi-file books, smart playlists are the way to go anyway.
The only way to get the MP3 audiobooks to appear in that section of the iPod is to make them bookmarkable. Then the audiobooks will not play when your playing regular music. They will be skipped. If you want them to be ignored when playing music then bookmarking is the way to go or making smart/regular playlists for both music and audiobooks.


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I think you can just encapsulate the mp3 stream into an mb4 container... it should work

Try with YAMB..