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How common are iPods where you live?

Matt Pike

New member
I see them everywhere in my high school. Most of them are minis, though. There are a couple of 3Gs and 4Gs around, though.

Seriously, you need a machete to cut through the white cords in my hallways.

How often do you see them in your school/office/place of residence/town?


Ready for air time!
I live in a town of about 30,000 people. I have never seen another iPod. Even at work I'm the only iPod owner. I'm sure that there must be some other owners out there though!



New member
When I got my 3G 15GB back in Sept. 2003, I hardly ever saw anyone else with an iPod. Now I see them a lot more often. Usually I see one or two people on the bus with iPods. Hard to miss with the white earphones.

I was in NYC in May 2004 and I saw iPods everywhere! My sister and I couldn't get over how common they were there.


Atlanta Falcons!
When I visited New York last year I counted 19 iPod's in one day. In Chicago and around school I have seen about 4 or 5. One kid was listening to his mini while the baseball coaching was talking to us and he got in trouble. It was pretty cool.


New member
its crazy, i live in a town with about a quarter million people and to date i have never seen another person with an ipod other than my best friend....weird

Code Monkey

New member
I live in a college town so iPods and other DAPs are common as dirt. iPods seem to be about 60%-70% of the DAP players, which is about what you'd expect.

Oddly (to me), as I've seen other people note, CD (mp3 CD?) players are still very common which completely escapes me. I've had a perfectly functioning portable CD player since about 1990, and I haven't used it for anything since about 1994. Just too big and clumsy. It wasn't until I got my iPod mini that I went nuts with listening to music on the go again.


Tragically Hip
on campus, every other headphone cord is white (and I'm sure a lot of the players behind the black corrds are iPod as well). In my hometown of Toronto, iPod are everywhere, especially downtown.


ive only seen 2 or 3 ... and know of only those 3...which includes me, in my district..but im sure there are more.


Snowboarder / Arcade nut
If I lived in any of your towns, you would not think that I had an iPod either, since I hate the apple buds. I'm sure the better question is how many people use apples buds to listen to music, since that's what you are basing your survey on. Not everyone wants to broadcast the fact that they have an iPod tucked away somewhere. After a certain age (High School) it's not really a status symbol. I have seen plenty at ski mountains and on the subway / walking in midtown in NYC.
I wouldn't call iPods 'common', but lately over the last few months there has a lot more iPods I've seen around where I live, mainly at school... all of the people who are buying them now pretty much all use the white earbuds so they can show how 'cool' and 'exclusive' they are !


New member
my high school is located in an afluent place, so i see alot of them around at school and the area. I see some at other places, not that much though


New member
I see ipods everywhere in my town. All over the colleges, the skateparks, bus stops, and all over downtown, all day ipods.


New member
a lot of people at my school have 3g and 4g's so yeah I see a lot, and most wear the white earbuds. there are quite a few with CD players too but since christmas more people got Ipods so their getting less..


P?ofessional Sleeper
Not many people have iPods at my school,only the ''insiders'',or the people that copy from these..iPods aren't very famous in Spain yet I think,some people don't even know what iPods are..


New member
i live in Venezuela... ipods here are also very uncommon... here i have only seen about 7 i think.. and its from people i know.. yet i saw a kid at school with a 4g today and i saw a silver mini also like 2 weeks back, mmm yet thats in my city, i went to another city to inscribe in the university and i saw at least 10

im still saving for mine.. ill prolly get it in summer so maybe it will be a 5g


New member
when i never owned an ipod, i never ever noticed anyone with it... but for some reason, ever since i got one, i find myself noticing the white earphones. i guess cos when i see someone listening to a walkman or another type of mp3 player, i feel sorry for them. hehe... i'm such a snob. anyways, the company i work for has like some deal with apple and we have a decent discount so i think in my department, more than 60% of us have an ipod. at the gym i go to... i usually see between 10 to 15 people with one (between 5pm and 7pm).