Help with Audiobook files


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I have an audiobook that was sent to me in 10 different mp3 files, how can I go about getting these all into 1 file and then into the audiobook section in iTunes to be synced to my iPod touch. Thank you!!


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You may not want to do that depending on the size and quality of the song files.

I spent a lot of time on this 12 years ago, and found that most iPods can't handle large high quality audio files. iPhones are similar, but a bit better.

You can get it into the Audiobook section of iTunes by changing the Media Type to Audiobook. (Select all 10 tracks, right click one choose Get Info, go to the Options tab and set the Media Type).

If you really want to try and paste them together, there are tools. iTunes can't do it.

Audacity could do it, as could converting to AAC (MP4) and using MP4Box to combine. Once the combining is complete, you can import the new file and try it out. If the bookmark (place where you were listening) gets lost, then you know the file is too big or too high quality.