Help with already jailbroken iPod Touch upgrade


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Hopefully someone can help me with concise instructions. I have a jailbroken 1G iPod Touch with 2.0 on it. I want to upgrade to 2.2 firmware but do NOT want to lose and reinstall all the apps etc I have on here.

I've found what looks like a clean install and then jailbreak of 2.2 and am afraid I will lose everything on the iPod in the process.

Can anyone give me a clear "for dummies" set of directions on how to get from jailbroken 2.0 to jailbroken 2.2 with my apps intact? Win or Mac fine; I have access to both.

Thanks!!! Apologies if this is posted and I just missed it.


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Your Itunes should already have the Apps Backed up UNLESS your talking about the cydia Apps. Then as Far as I know You can't back those up. But If u write them down and then do a clean restore and then Jailbreak it again. You'll just have too start over. I know it Sucks.