Help w/Itunes 12.7.3 on Windows 10, please.


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Hello. I posted this msg in apple's support forum over a week ago and got no responses. Hoping for better luck here.

Is there a way to show music in list view for Itunes 12.7.3 - not just for whole library - but in each Artist category?

And, I might add - A way to look at just Albums in List View?

Thanks, I was weaned on earlier versions of ITunes, and I really need an ordinary list view for each artist for all their albums rather than a grid with album art. So far I do not see this option. Much appreciated.



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No, there is not a way to view by Artist in a list or grid view.

Yes earlier versions of iTunes had ways of doing this (turning off album art and more).

You are kind of stuck with what they provide. You probably didn't get an answer on the other site because this has been something people have been complaining about for a few years now.