Help! Restored ipod, how do i recover apps?


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hey, my brother thought it would be funny so he pranked me and restored my ipod but now im ####ed because i lost all of my apps that i paid for soo does anyone know how to get them back from your itunes account or something?

PLEASE HELP!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Jesse Hollington

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Unless you've purchased your apps directly on your iPod touch and haven't synced to your iTunes library, they should all still be in your iTunes library and can be reinstalled from there. Further, iTunes also keeps a backup of your iPod touch settings, including your application data, which can be restored from iTunes by right-clicking on your iPod touch in the iTunes Devices list and choosing "Restore from Backup."

Note that you can confirm when the last backup of your iPod touch was made by going into iTunes preferences and looking at the Devices tab. A list of iPod touch and iPhone backups should be shown there with the date and time the last backup was made. If you don't have a recent backup (or any at all), you can still reinstall your apps if they're in iTunes, but you won't get back any of your application data -- you'll be starting over.

If you don't have your apps in iTunes itself, then you will have to download them from the iTunes App Store again. The good news is that unlike media content, you do not need to actually repurchase your apps again; just click the "Buy" button like you normally would, and iTunes will notify you that you've already purchased this item and offer to allow you to download it again for free. This works both in iTunes itself and in the App Store on your iPod touch. Note that you must of course be logged in to the iTunes Store with the same account that was used to purchase the app in the first place.

As you can see above, if you haven't been backing up your iPod touch to iTunes it's probably a good idea to start. Even if you're using manual mode with your iTunes library, you can still force backups by right-clicking on the iPod and choosing "Back Up" to backup your application data and other settings. You can also ensure that any applications and other content you purchase on your device syncs back to iTunes by choosing "Transfer Purchases" from the same context menu. Note that if you're using automatic sync with your iTunes library, both of these tasks are handled for you automatically whenever you connect your iPod to your computer and sync it with iTunes.