Have you seen lots of touches post xmas?


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Hi everyone

After Christmas this year I see touches everywhere. I haven't seen any classics and only a few nanos but, it seems that 2/3 of the students in my school have touches. I was wondering if it was the same everywhere else.


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i got a classic for xmas (120 GB) but my oh my there are alot of Nanos and Touches out there. I guess more ppl wanted the more mobile gadgets and weren't looking for space.


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I few of the guys on the ski patrol has them (but as far as I am aware, I am the only one with the 32-gig version - everybody else had the 16 gig version). Comes in handy when you are stuck at the top of the hill with nothing to do (policy is that there must be somebody manning the top of the hill at all times), so time to whip out the Touch and play a quick game of Drop Ship or Tiki Towers, until somebody else decides to sit so I can go and ski.