Has anyone heard of this store before?


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This store has prices that sound too good to be true so I wanted to check if anyone has heard anything about these guys or has ever bought something from them.
atlanticinc-stores (dot com)


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If you read the "About Us" link it says "You should allow 4-5 days for credit card orders to be processed." That alone would concern me.



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Not a generous return policy -- unless they judge a returned item defective, returns cost 25%. Who knows...maybe this is the stuff they can't sell to WalMart ;-)
I definitely would not use them to purchase a 32GB iPod touch since a new one cost $399 at the Apple store and Amazon.com (they are an authorized Apple reseller) has it for $369.97. This store is selling an iPod touch for $250 for a 2nd gen??? That's a big price difference. Beware of places selling iPods for large discounted prices.