Google Calendar Sync with iPod?


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I've been looking around lately for a way to sync all of my Google Calendar dates with my iPod. I am on Windows, and have a iPod with Video.

Has anyone seen an easy way to do this, possibly via an iTunes plug-in, or an external program? I don't know too much techno-jumbo, but I just need a simple solution that isn't too much trouble to work with.

I have the iConcertCal plug-in for iTunes, it is awesome... now if I could only have iGoogleCal...

I looked on this forum, and saw iCal, but it appears to only be for Mac users.

Anyone? :)


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I have been using getcals, it looks like google made the creator take it down but I found it hosted here -

It does take a little computer knowledge, you haave to edit a text document with the correct path for your iPod and the location of you google calendar. Overall it's pretty easy and then just one click updates your calendar.

I was hopeing with the iPhone release there would be some way to transfer calendars added to iTunes.