Google Calendar Sync Solution


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Hey guys, this is my first post here. Lots of good stuff on the forum. I was looking around for a good way to sync my Google calendar with my 3G and I came across this.

It seems to work really well, the only issue is that it uses the Microsoft Exchange server, so if you are getting your email via that route then you can't use it. For me however I use gmail, so there's no interference.

Just thought I'd pass it along for anyone looking for a solution like me!


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Looks pretty sweet. I tried going the whole Google and Yahoo route of keeping all my contacts and calendars in sync rather than paying for .Mac or MobileMe but just found it too much of a hassle, especially calendars. Although the syncing of contacts to Google and Yahoo is a nice addition to Address Book on the Mac.


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My first post. Apologies if I m missing any etiquettes specific to these forums.

Is it possible to make changes to your google calendar from the iPhone? I could not see the option; Google search didnt give me any results either.