Gen 2 iPod with a failed touch pad


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I have a Gen 2 8gb iPod and the touch pad has failed. I can charge it, but can do nothing else with it. How can I save my music on it. (It was originally registered under an old email address and I no longer have the password for it).



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The music should already be in your iTunes that you sync with it.
But I know that a lot of people like to risk losing their entire collection by having it on an iPod only.

Fortunately there is an article on how you recover your music from an iPod.
Copying Content from your iPod to your Computer - The Definitive Guide | iLounge Article

Having lost your Apple ID and password will be problematic if any of the music is purchased and old (encrypted). Newer music is not encrypted so you may get prompted for the password to play it. You will not be able to play that music until you recover your Apple ID. I believe the prompt will show you the Apple ID it needs to have the password from. Then you can take that email address to and reset the password to something you know.

If the prompt does not show the Apple ID email address, you can try this.
They used to have your Apple ID embedded in the songs. You could extract it out. It looks like they have part of it. in there now, but not the whole thing. If you put the song into a good text editor like Notepad++ and search for the string cprt then a few bytes before that is the beginning of your Apple ID, the part in front of the @ for the email address. Once you remember who you used to host that email address, then you can recover the password through the iforgot process.

If none of the music was purchased from the iTunes Store, then you can forget the Apple ID and make a new one if you get another iPod. Or try recovering it.