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I did a search in this forum and also this thread to see if it was already posted, and the search came up not found. So I apologize if it was already posted, but if it was, the search function did not find it. I didn't want to read through every single post in the thread. If you have any other suggestions for how to avoid duplicate posts, please let me know.
My post was not directed at you, per se, but to all who are posting links on this thread. I have had to delete posts because people are not checking the first post to see if the links are already posted. I try to keep up with this thread and put new finds on the first post to make it easy for others to view and use the links instead of going through the entire thread unless they want too. Sorry it came across as if I was only talking about you.


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is it legal to download these free books? what about copyright by authors?
Of course, it is legal to download a free audio book from NetLibrary and OverDrive for which your library has paid a fee just as it is legal for you to check out a book for which the royalty has been paid by your library. There is absolutely no conflict with copyrights since these audio books are licensed to you for a limited period of time during which it is clearly legal for you to play them, royalties having been paid by NL and OD to the publishers/authors. Neither NL or OD books will play on an iPod, since they are in wma protected format.

The user agreement of NL and OD restrict your use of these downloads. There are ways to convert them to iPod files, but a USA federal law prohibits telling anyone how to do so and the user agreement probably prohibits conversion.

Converting an NL or OD file to play on an iPod is may possibly be permitted under fair use for the period of the life of the license to play. That would require one to delete the converted files once the license has expired. To my knowledge, there has been no definitive court ruling on the fair use of a protected wma file converted to iPod format and it may be a violation of the user agreement.

That said, it seems totally unreasonable to prohibit playing a legitimately obtained and licensed file on an iPod. Likewise, it seems equally unreasonable to prohibit playing an iPod formatted file on another mp3 player. Google "Convert Protected WMA to MP3 Unprotect WMA, MP3, AAC, M4A" and you will find ways that purport to do so legally.
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2pac said:
is it legal to download these free books? what about copyright by authors?
I depends on which ones you are talking about. Many of those listed here are in the public domain (like at Gutenburg) and some are offered by the author's themselves.


The Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy free download

"The Free Audiobook of the Month for August is Leo Tolstoy's The Resurrection. One of the many classic novels by Tolstoy, The Resurrection explores the depths of human sin, suffering, and redemption.

Just add the download format to your shopping cart and use the coupon code AUG2007 during checkout.

Regularly: $30.98
Our Price: $0.00"

Save to file in your default iTunes music directory and a to iTunes using the
Add File command under File. Using Mozilla FireFox I was able to simultaneously download 4 files at the time, at lower speeds, of course, but unattended. There are 14 mp3 files. See Edit on how to get into iTunes in next post

The Resurrection

by Leo Tolstoy
Publisher: christianaudio PD
Narrator: Simon Vance
Format: Download reviews (click here)
probably of a different translation.
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More on The Resurrection Free Download

Could not get to add with Add File to Library Command:

Opened Browser to iTunes Music Library where had downloaded
Highlighted all The Resurrection Files
Opened iTunes
Dragged and Dropped highlighted files into iTunes Music Library (Will not classify as audiobooks unless converted to AAC)
Highlighted all:
Right clicked
Added Album Artist = Tolstoy
Made sure Remember Playback and Skip in Shuffle said yes

Then, individually had to rename each song -- showed up as Part 1, Part 2, etc:
Used naming convention of The Resurrection XX_14, where XX = part number (i.e. 01) by highlighting and then clicking on song name and pasting in The Resurrection and typing rest.


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I also noticed the book from is labeled "Audiobook" (singular) instead of "Audiobooks" (plural). So if you convert it to .m4b, remember to change the category designation too if you want to find it in the "Audiobooks" section.


Paradise Lost by John Milton Free Download

Free download this month of Paradise Lost by John Milton at Christian Audio (Click Here)

Christian Audio
Weaving classical mythology with a deep knowledge and reference to Scripture, Milton's genius for narrative unfolds what his biographer, Samuel Johnson, called his "peculiar power to astonish."

Nadia May has narrated over five hundred audiobooks and has earned the prestigious AudioFile Golden Voice award, as well as fourteen Earphone awards. She is an accomplished film, TV, and theater actress. Her native British voice complements her graduate education in English Literature from UC Berkeley to make her delivery of John Milton's Paradise Lost engaging and nuanced.
You will have to open an account and, during check out, provide a credit card number (As much as I prefer not giving out credit card number, I have had no problems with this site after doing so.)

Use promo code JAN2008 during check out to get the download free.

I had to delete a prior free download from my shopping basket.

To download, after choosing M4B format (Which will make all the files show in iTunes and iPod Audiobooks folder regardles of genre designation. If you are using smart playlist utilizing genre, you may want to change to audiobooks or to add audiobook genre to conditions) and:

Click download button
For each of the 8 CD length parts, chose Open With iTunes (Default) -- imports directly into iTunes.


Chose Save to Disc
Browse to iTunes Music Folder
Create a new folder called "Milton" for ease of locating and importing
Clicked OK or Save to place in folder
Each of the remaining 7 files can be downloaded into the same folder --when choosing Save to Disc, window will open to Milton Folder. Click OK.
Import the folder or files into iTunes
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My list

For me it is:

Audio Books:


Classic Audio Books:


Audio Drama:


Audio Lectures:


I hope this works for you. All the best....


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I don't know of any, other that what has already been listed, free audio books that are totally free, but I you can get 50 free music downloads and a free audio book download from eMusic when you start a subscription.


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Searching an audiobook

Hallo everybody,

I am looking for an audiobook about psychology
The name is " industrial and organizational psychology" and the author is Paul Spector.

I have found the same book but the author is other person. I need the first one for the university

Can someone help me please?