first accesssory to get?


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hi there i just bought an ipod and am trying to figure out what accessory to get first. any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks!

Island Roots

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I was originally going to get a case, but after using the one Apple included...I won't be getting one. It suits its job just fine...protects the iPod and when used in conjunction with the remote, works great ;)


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My first accessory was new headphones. The ones that came with my iPod just didn't fit/feel right in my ear. I ended up getting Sony MDR-EX70's and I'm very happy with them. They very good at blocking out the noise on my train rides and feel good in my ear.

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Aye; I'd grab some EX-70s immediately, and get an improved case if you're interested in preserving the minty flavour of the iPod... :)


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Depends on the person. I have some new sony headphones, but I lost them somewhere in my house. If you clip the tag in the included case, it works very well (especially if you have something like the iTrip).


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Before any of you run off and purchase the EX70/71's, go down to the Head-Fi forums, and do a search.

If you just want okay sounding earbuds (with a nice shortcord), with great isolation, then go with the Sony EX70/71.
But there are much, much better sounding earbuds in that price range.

Koss Porta Pros
Koss KCS35
Koss KCS50

Sennheisser MX400 & MX500
Sony EP888 (a bit more expensive though)


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Do the Sennheisser series have comparable isolation to the Sony?
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nope. Unfortunately, as for earbuds, only the EX70/71's have good isolation. Of course this only applies in this price range.

Shure's and Etymotics both offer great isolation (as well as superior sound), but for a much much higher cost.


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Hmmm... there's the tradeoff. I've never listened to the Sennheisser series, but I would hazard a guess here: If you are listening in loud environments, go for the EX70s, otherwise the Sennheissers would offer better sound quality.


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1) PDA wraps -- cheap way to protect from scratches since no new case is available yet for 3rd gen.
2) sony headphone 71's


Screen protectors and a case.

If you want the best earbuds, find some Sony MDR E888s, they make the EX70 or 71 seem very poor indeed.


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Definately the first accessory to get would be a case. I have only had my new iPod for one day, and have even kept it in the plastic it came in, and the entire front is covered in tiny scratches. I have no idea how they got there; iPods are scratch magnets. Seriously, that is the first thing you need to worry about if you like keeping it new looking.