Few questions about the ipod touch's durability


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I just got the griffin elan for my 2nd gen ipod touch...and that thing is TIGHT - as in, it's really hard to get my ipod out of it.

I was wondering, I mean, the ipod touch is so thin and seems really fragile, and I think I applied a fair bit of pressure onto the screen with my thumb when trying to get it out of the case, and I think I kinda chipped the bezel as well, so that kinda sucks

I mean, it's great that the case is so snug, but seriously griffin, don't make it THAT tight

do you guys think everything will be alright?

oh yeah, and on a side note, are uniea's screen protectors re-appliable, because I screwed up an application and accidentally shifted the whole screen protector to the right and have air bubbles, so can I just peel it off and try again?


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I just purchased a 32g itouch, and the salesperson STRONGLY recommended a case! He even showed me one that broke in half cause a guy sat down with it in his pocket! Why anyone would put those in their pockets is one thing, but yeah those things are pretty fragile. I sure I hope I don't destroy it accidentally.


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my iPod touch 1st gen is freakin' really strong

it is a solid construction, and i dont know about you, but the bezel on mine is black metal, and it would never chip.

if you have a 2g iPod touch, mabey you are sol, because my 1g is like unbreakable.

also, i had a dlo case with the cord management thing, (you can find it on amazon(dot)com), but it was so annoying that i tried to cut off the cord wrap thing on the back, failed, and threw it away.

an iPod is so much better without a case. though, if you are worried about scratches, invisibleshield makes a skin that dosent scratch. you dont have to worry about the touch's screen scratching since it is treated glass (almost unscratchable), but the back on all iPods scratches like hell.

i just read that you have a 2nd gen. you are sol