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Favourite iPod game?


New member
Guys at this handheld site reckon Zuma is superb and Pac-Man/Bejeweled are a bit off. I've not played any of those yet, but Mini Golf game is good fun.
What does everyone else think?



i have Pac-Man, Zuma and tetris and i must say that they are all great games... very good time killers... all the controls are easy to use but yea i give every game that i have 5/5


New member
I want to purchase a game, but I'm concerned that it will be difficult to control. What do you guys think? Are the controls intuitive? Do you get used to it easily?



the Controls in the games that i have a perfect and easy to use in most cases it is very sensitive so one tap will do alot!! They are very easy to get used to play the game a few times and you got the hang of it


New member
For me the chess game is the best, followed by Tetris and Doom.

But I spend little time playing the games.


Jesse Hollington

Active member
Before anybody gets needlessly confused, mnhnhyouh and mrdantownsend are talking about games that are available via Rockbox, which is an add-on/replacement firmware for the iPod. Games like Doom, Pokemon and Chess are not available on the default iPod firmware, so if you want to play them you'll have to look at Rockbox or iPod+Linux (see our Hacks & Mods forum for more info).

That having been said, out of the games that are available for the 5G with the default v1.2 firmware (ie, the iTunes Store games), my most-played are Mini-Golf, Texas Hold'Em, and Zuma. Mini-Golf is most certainly NOT a full-fledged golf game (as the name implies), and is fairly simplistic, but is still great fun for what it is. Texas Hold'Em and Zuma are both challenged, and all three games are very well-suited to the Pod's controls.

While I like many of the other games in principle, I find that trying to play them with the clickwheel can be cumbersome at the best of times. For example, both Mahjong and Bejewelled are good games, but scrolling a cursor around to select items gets old really fast. Pacman suffers from similar issues in trying to use the clickwheel to control direction.


New member
I friggin LOVE the Texas Hold'em game. I usually play just before nodding off at night; I think actually relaxes me. I've played maybe 200 games and have reached Level 2 maybe 30 times. Level 3 like twice. Anyone got any tips or tricks for this game ??


Obsessed Lounger
My favorites are Tetris and Zuma. Those are the most addictive IMO. PacMan is also fun. Cubis is also fun, but doesn't beat Tetris and Zuma. I haven't tired any other games, but I do have MiniGolf. It is fun, but after you finish it, you don't want to play it as much. You do try to beat your score though.