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Frequently asked questions about audiobooks, converting CDs, MP3s as they relate to iPods.

Your iPod will play and hold many audio books, a lot of music, photos and videos. A typical ten-hour book uses 140 mb of storage. Even the smallest Nano has plenty of room for several audio books along with a modest music, photo, and video collection. Size of the iPod makes it an ideal companion while exercising, commuting, waiting, or performing mundane tasks. You will find that listening to a good book is an effective and enjoyable way to absorb books for which you would not otherwise have time.

iPod will play any unprotected mp3, wav, or wma file, and audible.com and iTunes music store downloads.

Suggestion: Look over this thread and the other “sticky? threads at the top of the iLounge Books and Spoken Word Forum and use the forum search tool before posting a question.

Helpful links on iPod usage, updates, trouble shooting, Reset/restore, Manuals, Mac help, Apple iPod disussion, etc.

--------------HOW DO I? (HDI)----------------

Clicking opens a new window with answers, guides, and sometimes an iTunes screen shot.


Below are the answers to How Do I (HDI) play an audiobook CD that I own or borrow from my library on my iPod? mp3 file? wma (Windows Media Player) file, audio cassette?

See these links for how-to Guides to convert to bookmarking iPod files from
ANY SOUND Played on computer
MarkAble shareware CD/MP3 to iPod bookmark file
Audiobook FAQ with Screenshots
Burn CDs-AM&iTunes
My Book Recommends

What is bookmarking?

The guides are oriented to PC. How do I do a mac conversion? Click Here

Mac equivalent to MarkAble is "Audiobook Builder" (New 11-06)

Why pay $15 for MarkAble?
HDI make CDs, MP3s, etc., bookmarkable?

HDI get AAC files to show an extension so can change it to m4b to make it bookmark, play faster, and show in Audiobook folders?

HDI get my homemade audio files show up in Audiobook main menu of iPod, not play at iPod faster speed, and are included in music shuffle?

HDI make audio book (mp3 and other) files show up in Audiobook main menu of iPod and iTunes?

HDI find the m4b/m4a files I lost?

HDI get several files of one book in sequence to drag and drop onto iPod so they will play in order?

HDI get large numbers of mp3 files of one audio book to play in order?

Why ia there a Maximum File size and why do the guides recommend keeping files under 5 hours and 300 mb with a possible 13.5 hours?

HDI set/change importing options for iTunes (AAC, MP3, etc), Where?

MP3[AAC] is greyed out on r click convert to drop down. HDI get it to show?

Is it legal to copy audio files, electronic downloads, CDs, cassette tapes, protected files, etc., onto my iPod?

Is there a quick and easy way to make an mp3 file bookmark without time-consuming AAC conversion and difficulty of renaming file extension?

HDI reduce or split large MP3 files to below maximum recommended size prior to AAC Conversion?

HDI JOIN or merge m4a or m4b files to reduce the over all number of files for a book?

HDI make the file extension show when I need to change it from m4a to m4b?

HDI find, rename, and place a lost renamed file into my library? 1of3

HDI convert a file to AAC? To MP3? 1of 2

HDI set import and conversion preferences? 1of3

Is there a simple and easy way to convert files and CDs to iPod files?

HDI create an audiobook with fewer files than the one per CD of the Guide? YAMB m4a Joining Tutorial


tutorial on ipod connection and synchronization.

HDI override autosync when connecting iPod

What are smart play lists, how use them & will they assist in listening to books?

HDI manage and change file names and folders?

HDI create one or more smart playlists on my ipod to segregate and group audiobooks and drop off listened to files/sections of books?

HDI change the Name, genre, album, artist of a song/book? Group of songs/books?


HDI find the hard disc location of a file in my iTunes Library?

HDI search for and find an audiobook in my iTunes Library? How do I place it on my manual synch iPod?1of2 Hint: Sort date added column descending to find recent additions

HDI Import MP3 audiobooks into iTunes (Aldo)

See also-1of2

HDI find the iTunes music Folder location, set file options, set default player, change default location to a hard drive, keep it organized, and add files to iTunes Music Folder which are imported into iTunes Library?

Ripping CDs

How do I fix gaps when ripping a CD (good audio CDs rip with big gaps or skips)?

iPod Usage

Where can I find a tutorial on using my iPod?
(Apple's iPod 101+)

HDI prevent book chapters / lectures from playing when I 'shuffle songs'

How many books will my iPod hold; how much iPod space does an Audio Book require?

My iPod freezes or doesn't respond properly for a discernable reason. What do I do?

When and how do I reset my iPod. – my iPod is acting strangely or doing nothing

HDI set iPod to auto synch or to manual synch?

How do I prevent an auto synch from wiping out all my iPod contents when connecting to a computer whose iTunes Library does not mirror my iPod

HDI keep an auto synch from placing all my audio books on my iPod?

HDI add audiobooks to my manual synch iPod?

HDI remove listened to books from my manual synched iPod?

Why does my iPod display the apple logo when it turns on?

Why does my iPod lose its bookmark?

HDI get categories that I want to show up on my iPod main menu?

HDI keep my computer from downloading all my iTunes audiobooks onto my iPod when I auto synch?

HDI remove listened to books from my auto synch iPod?

Do I need to take listened-to audiobooks off my computer

Q.What are the tips and tricks to listening to audiobooks on my ipod? under construction

HDI fast forward and reverse an iPod audio book?

HDI make my iPod play at the fast or slower listening speeds?

There is an echo on my iPod, How do I fix it


Is listening to a book cheating? Can I say I read the book? What are the differences? What can I say to the snob who says "I prefer old-fashioned, traditional paper books?"

Where can I find audio books that play on my iPod?
Are there many audio books available?
Are they expensive?
What Kinds?
Are they all abridged?
Where can I find good audiobooks?
What kinds of audiobooks will not play on my iPod

Should I buy abridged or unabridged versions?

What kinds of books are good to listen to during a trip?


Aldoblog FAQs Scroll down to see these FAQs below.

iLounge FAQ's

Apple's iPod FAQs

SEARCH -- Q.How do I get an answer to question not here? How do I do a search

HDI get an answer to question not here? HDI do a search? Where do I look?

Posting Etiquette -- Look before posting.

PM me a question you nominate for an FAQ

See Basic etiquette and issues of posting below and,
before Posting a Question or Problem, determine if your question is answered in
earlier in this thread OR Helpful Links and FAQs for iPodders interested in Audio Books OR iLounge FAQs.

iLounge Administrators, Moderators, and members are all happy provide help, but it is tiring and time consuming to answer the same questions over and over in the forums. Visit this iLounge page for links to News, Downloads, Forums, Gear, Help, Articles, etc. Read the titles to the sticky threads at the top of the Books and Spoken Word forum to see if any of them are likely to answer to question. It is amazing how many people skip right over the stickies and ask, "How do I convert a CD to an iPod file?"

Use the iLounge Forums search facility. There's a good chance your question has been answered before (perhaps multiple times), or that the same topic has already been started. Do not begin a new thread unless you have exhausted the search function and there is no existing thread on that topic. Some search hints:

Use the search “This Forum” search found on individual forum pages for issues appropriate to only that forum. Click on this link iLounge Forums search facility to search all the forums.

Basic query: separate your search terms with spaces.

Query with 3 letters or less: Try using asterisks (*) around your search term. Example: *USB cable*

Advanced query: Join words with AND, OR and NOT to control your search in more detail.
Add asterisks (*) to use wild cards in your search (*bullet* matches vBulletin etc.)

Check “Show results as posts” to reach specific posts on the subject.

Basic etiquette and issues of posting?

After, and only after, exhausting the resources above, post in an existing thread on the topic – new posts bump a thread to the top of the forum where someone who can help will quickly see it. Create a new thread only if none on that subject exist. To increase the chances you will get a quick and accurate reply, follow these guidelines and provide details when posting your question:
· Find a thread topic that corresponds with your issue.
· Click on Reply, or if you absolutely cannot find a matching topic, on post a new topic.
· Provide an meaningful and descriptive subject line. Not merely Help, Audiobook, Audible.com, etc. Members will give faster and better responses to posts with descriptive and complete subject lines.
· Describe your problem or question as completely as possible.
· Be nice. Be patient.
· Stay on topic.
· Utilize the Edit button to edit your post after posting.
· Provide the following details in your post or in your signature:
· iPod format (Mac or Windows)
· iPod firmware version
· Computer type / model (PC or Mac)
· Operating system and release level
· iPod updater and iTunes release level

Aldo on Audiobooks for iPod and iTunes (one link to list of all these FAQs):

How do I get my audiobook to appear in the Audiobooks menu on my iPod?

I imported two books on CD following your instructions. One shows up in the Audiobooks menu on my iPod, the other does not. How come?

I tried all of your suggestions, and my audiobooks still won’t show up in the Audiobooks menu. Is there anything else I can do?

Is there a way to sort or group the audiobook tracks in the Audiobooks menu on my iPod? Like, say, by author, or by book, instead of listing every single individual book track?

Why do I need to convert tracks to Protected AAC? Why do I need to make the tracks bookmarkable?

Why is the Join CD Tracks menu item dimmed in the Advanced menu?

Is it possible to join the tracks of already existing albums or is that done as part of the recording process?

The Make Bookmarkable script is nice for Mac users, but how do I do this in Windows?

How do I change the file extension in Windows? I can’t even see the file extensions!

I use Windows and I’m importing a lot of books. Renaming all those files seems like a pain in the butt! Is there any way to automate it?

When I rename the files as described, iTunes loses them! How do I fix this, or make it not happen?

Will these instructions work with an iPod shuffle?

I use iTunes, but I don’t have an iPod, I have a different player. Will these instructions work for me?

Many public libraries now allow you to “check out” downloadable versions of audio books, just like checking out tape or CD versions, but more convenient. But they won’t play on an iPod! Is there a way to get them to play on an iPod?

I have all my audiobooks on cassette tapes. Is there any way to get them onto my iPod?

On top right of this linked page:

Importing Audio CD audiobooks into iTunes

Importing MP3 audiobooks into iTunes

Optimal iTunes Import Settings for Audiobooks

Audiobook Recommendations

Where to Get Audiobooks

Which iPod Should I Buy?
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Apple & PC Links, thanks to Moriond

Mac equivalent to MarkAble is "Audiobook Builder" (New 11-06)

Aldo on Audiobooks. PC and mac. The advantage of this site is that there are posted screenshots. … there are AppleScripts that can expedite some of the functions (like checking the boxes for remembering playback and skipping when shuffling). It is also is geared to converting all mp3 files to AAC format.
Topics linked there are:
• iTunes and Audiobooks
• Importing Audio CD audiobooks into iTunes
• Importing MP3 audiobooks into iTunes
• Optimal iTunes Import Settings for Audiobooks
• Frequently Asked Questions About Audiobooks and iTunes
• Old Instructions
• Audiobook Recommendations
• Where to Get Audiobooks

Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes Home offers the following useful links:

• What's New
• 379 Scripts...

Registration only access for Doug’s forum
• ...by category:
• Managing Tracks
• Managing Track Info
• Managing Artwork
• Managing Playlists
• Controlling iTunes
• Exporting Info
• Managing Files
• Networking
• Internet
• iPod
• Miscellaneous
• With Other Apps

• Automator Actions

• Missing Menu Commands
• Pick 'n' Pull
• SoundJam Scripts
• Script Stats
[ FAQ & Solutions
[ Tips & Info
[ Furthermore...
[ Forum at iLounge
[ my del.icio.us
[ Uhm, Windows?
Other Stuff
• iTunes Library Manager
• iCal Calling iTunes!
• Make Mine MPEG-4
• iCal Calling iChat!
Site Info
• Who's Doug?
• Downloading FAQ
• Send me Yours
• Drop me a Line
• Old Forums

Everything I [Doug] Think I Know About Bookmarking iTunes Tracks And Files
This article provides a Fabulous Matrix outlining what tracks and/or files are recognized by various iPods as bookmarkable Audiobooks and How To Get Them That Way.
And also this one for mac users: Applescripts and bookmarking Summary Post by Moriond
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Nice job Robert.

I've pretty much sworn off answering questions that are obviously addressed fifty times already or are clealy answered in the sticky posts. (especially....how do I convert my files to bookmarkable..." or "why don't my mp3 audiobooks show up in the iPod Audibooks menu?"

Hopefully people will read your post and find themselves pointed in the right direction. What's the old saying, "give a man fish, and he'll smell fishy" well, thats not it, but whatever. :)


edited in several FAQs with links to Morionds posts, esp large number of mp3s sequencing
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Edited in,

Apple Centric Links, thanks to Moriond:
…one … site that has a quasi-Mac orientation is Aldo on Audiobooks. The advantage of that site is that there are posted screenshots. … there are AppleScripts that can expedite some of the functions (like checking the boxes for remembering playback and skipping when shuffling). It is also is geared to converting all mp3 files to AAC format. (contents of site (links) listed in post).

Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes Home offers the following useful links: (links listed in post)

Where I ran across this amusing post by Doug:

UPDATED: Make Bookmarkable v1.5
About once a week I get an email from users who wonder why Make Bookmarkable didn't work. They offer as proof that the file extension wasn't changed to ".m4b". True enough. But the file type was changed and on a Mac that's how iTunes and iPod recognize bookmarkable files. So simply changing the file extension to ".m4b" doesn't make an AAC file bookmarkable on a Mac. Well, I'm getting tired of that email. So I have updated Make Bookmarkable to now add the ".m4b" extension as well as changing the file type. I don't know why I didn't have it do that in the first place. »

Tired of Explaining Bookmarking, or Everything I [Doug] Think I Know About Bookmarking iTunes Tracks And Files
This article provides a Fabulous Matrix outlining what tracks and/or files are recognized by various iPods as bookmarkable Audiobooks and How To Get Them That Way. »
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New member

Shows the problems of posting answers to specific posts. Robert, the Aldo on Audiobooks site is one I assume you've seen before -- there are instructions as well for how Windows users can convert their audiobooks, since the blog author and his wife have used both systems. This is also one of the links that Doug Adams consulted (designated as FAQ on Audiobooks at the Aldoblog site). (Actually, all of the links on the Doug Adams Fabulous Bookmarkable Matrix have been cited in answer postings in these forums -- except for the Wired Blog entry describing AAC audio file types. That page only appeared a few weeks ago).

What I meant to say is that Aldo on Audiobooks follows the general philosophy of the Apple iTunes & Audible sites for dealing with audiobooks -- make this into single (or a few) bookmarkable (.m4b) file, or in any case convert this to AAC. That means that the specific solution he currently proposes for mp3 audiobooks is to convert them to AAC files, and he doesn't (at present) go through the playlist sort field discussion that the original poster was asking about.

Actually, most of the Aldoblog descriptions cover importing from audio CDs, the same way that we answer these questions in the present forum. I only meant to distinguish the format of that particular discussion (multiple mp3 audiobook files) from the way we covered the answer here. Some of these answered were tailored to folks who wanted to maintain compatibility with non-iPod mp3 players, hence suggesting that they convert to AAC and rename everything wasn't a good solution.

There are lots more good scripts at Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes site. He also does a podcast you can subscribe to, although only 3 have appeared , I think. There are many ways to automate tagging, automatic "Replay last bit" scripts, a Needledrop script that allows you to "sample" play through short bits of a group of selected tracks in sequence (on the iTunes store, or there's another one for your own library), a "Quick Convert" script that you can run on importing audio CDs (among other sources) -- you can set the format and bit rate in the prompts, and additionally make the result bookmarkable.

We just don't usually have enough Mac users for all this discussion to come up. Maybe things are changing.

One thing that Doug's matrix does not cover is his Selected Tracks Bookmarkable -- this works on both mp3s and AAC files (as described in another post that you've linked), but does not work on older iPods (3Gs, 4Gs which can still support dynamically updating smart playlists) or with iTunes versions before 5 or 6 (in case there are people using iTunes 4.9 for the better stability).

P.S. I personally like his Missing Menu entries -- these are scripts for things that we'd like to see as features in iTunes, but which have been scripted in because they're not currently in iTunes.

P.P.S. I almost linked in the New iPod Playlist from Selection AppleScript in my answer to the mp3 audiobook poster's query about iPod playlists. (I'm still not sure he's a Mac user). This AppleScript allows folks who manually manage their iPods to transfer selected tracks directly into a playlist on their iPod without having to create a playlist in their iTunes source list. Lots more at the site. I heartily recommend that Mac users who have found Doug's AppleScripts useful make a PayPal contribution.
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Importing Options: Screens used to set AAC/MP3 optons -creating homemade audio files

Preference settings for importing a file directly as AAC/MP3 (Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Importing -- kbps optional):
Screen 10


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Q. How do I manage and change file names and folders?

R click on library entry>choose get info>Choose Info tab to change any of the information on screen:
Common information can be changed simultaneously for several song/books by highlighting them all and then R clicking, chosing get info, info tab.

If you highlight all the file entries of one audiobook and change the major categories -- not song name, which needs to have one distinguishing number -- to be the same, and if you have checked manage my files option in Edit>preferences, the files of that book will then show up in the same folder.

Song name must be such that a sort (click on column heading) will order it in proper sequence. Book Name 01_102; Book Name 01_10; .... ; Book Name 10_10 works well for me. That is, for an Unagridged book:

Book Name 1_3U
Book Name 2_3U
Book Name 3_3U
Add leading zeros if 10 or more book parts.

Managing related files into one folder:
If you can find all the files in iTunes Library, you could highlight all the files at once, R click, choose get info, choose info tab, and keying in album and artist* info in this window will make them identical for all the highlighted files. This will put all the files in the same folder if you have checked preferences to Keep iTunes Music Folder organized -- screen shot (here)

*Genre not necessarily identical, but sensible to make it identical.

Screen 6


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Q. How can I make an mp3 file Bookmark without the complex AAC/renaming process?

Quick and easy way to make MP3 files bookmarking. More complicated conversion to AAC and renaming to m4b are avoided with this method, but these MP3s will not show in iPod main menu audiobook category or play faster. An AAC/m4b conversion is required to get these features. For Guide to obtain these features, click on MP3 link in signature below. One or the other is necessary to achieve bookmarking files. Click links in signature for Conversion Guides for CDs, MP3s, audio cassettes, or ANY SOUND played on computer.

Import CDs into iTunes as AAC files (the default) for higher sound quality and compression than MP3 and only renaming file extensions remains to make them bookmarking.

To Make an MP3 File Bookmark
For each MP3 file in iTunes Library>Highlight ea file, R click>get info>Options Tab>check: Remember Playback Position and Skip when shuffling. Screen shot below:


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Show Song File Screen Shot

Highlight and then Right click iTunes Library entry, choose Show Song File. Note File location (in this case, I:\itunes\itunes music\Bryson, Bill\In a Sunburned Country) at top of window.
Screen 11


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Q. How do I force Windows to show File Extension for change from m4a to m4b?

Library>Highlight and Right Click File Name>Show Song File

Once the files are visible in the window that opens, click Tools>Folder Options, find and uncheck Hide File Extensions of Known File Types. The windows default option is to hide known file type extensions. You will have to scroll down about half way to find this box to uncheck.

Screen 14


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These screen shots are great. I feel as though the Song file screen shot (Bill Bryson's In a Sunburned Country) should almost be linked to Podunk's post of most (re)played audiobooks!


Q. How do I Manage Audiobooks with a Smart Playlist? SS20

Both iPod and iTunes have the ability to build a dynamic playlist built on criteria you select.

Highlight Library or iPod, and then click File>New SmartPlaylist to bring up the screen below.

Audiobooks of any genre can be placed in one or more easy to find smart playlists on iPod. + will add a criterion, - will remove that criterion. Playcount "is" 0 will, in some iPods, dynamically remove listened to selections from the smart playlist upon returning to a playlist from menu. (If a selection playcount is accidentally increased to 1 and automatically removed from the playlist, use the Audiobook or Genre entry on main menu to find the selection.) The last entry in the screen shot below is incomplete. Smart Playlists can be created in either iTunes and transferred to iPod, or created on iPod for selections added directly to iPod.
I have created two separate playlists -- one for conversions and another for audible.com audiobook genres.
If you are using bookmarking mp3 audiobooks, you may want to create a Smart Playlist with a criterion of genre is not audiobooks to force all your music to that playlist for shuffle within that playlist.
You can add Playlists to your main menu by going to Main Menu>Settings>Main Menu>Playlists and changing Playlists from off to on by pressing center select button.

Create single or more Smart Playlist(s) on iPod for Ripped Audio (perhaps one-time only if you set at genre level):

1. Connect iPod to computer and, with iPod icon highlighted in source column, click on Files/New Smart Playlist.
2. A Smartlist window will appear
-Check Box next to "Live Updating" and "Match all the following rules" in the smartlist window
-enter Smartlist criteria by clicking on the down arrow in the first box:
-Chose Genre for first box, choose "is" for second box and enter/key in chosen genre (I prefer "Conversion" for homemade)
-Click successively on + button to right of boxes to add additional Smart List Criteria:
-Genre can be entered afterward with right click on file, choose “Get Info” and select info tab to change or enter.
-Click on + and choose -Play count/is/0

Be certain the files carry the genre. Change genre of files by highlighting all files to change/right click/get info/key in genre = “CD & MP3 Books & Spoken Word"/OK A right click on a file will allow you to reset playcount to 0
Files are on iPod only once, even when in several smart lists.
3. Smart Playlist will appear in Source Column under iPod with title Untitled Playlist when clicked on allows renaming.
o Type in “CD & MP3 Books & Spoken Word"or Book Name to replace the iTunes “Untitled Playlist” name -- preceding by an “A” or "+" to place at or near top of Playlists in iPod display.

To return a listened-to selection to the Smart Playlist,

1. Highlight file R click/Reset Play Count. Resetting one file”s playcount will result in its being out of order, but with iPod connected to computer, you can drag and drop into order within playlist.

To find an audiobook which has accidentally had its playcount increased over 0
Go to Main Menu.
-If you have audiobooks entry on main menu (if you want it there, Main Menu>Settings>Main Menu>Audiobooks ON.), scroll there to find the lost file.
-Scroll to Genre and scroll to the genre of the lost file, scroll to the file.

When a file is dropped off a playlist from playcount not equal to zero, it is remains on the iPod.
Highlight iPod icon in Source column, highlight files already listen to>R click>Clear. A file does not clear from the iPod when cleared from the playlist or when dynamically dropped from a playlist with playcount.

Creating a Playlist does not duplicate a file on either iTunes or iPod. It is merely an index to a single file location.

Screen 20


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How to Keep iTunes Library Audio Books off iPod P21

If using auto sync for your iPod, you may not want all your library audio books on your iPod. To conserve storage on your iPod, you can remove listened to audiobooks or not add audiobooks until you are ready to listen to them. Unchecked audiobooks will not be added to iPod. Highlight Library and uncheck individually by clicking, or all by Highlighting first audio book and hold down shift and click on last audio book to highlight all between the first highlighted and last highlighted book. Right click the highlighted files and select Uncheck all from drop down menu.

Add checks by holding down control and click on the selections you want checked for auto synch.

See this post and posts immediate before and following it for how to set iPod to manual/auto synch and more detail on uncheck:
Unchecking to prevent auto synch of files 2 of 3(FP26here)

Should I remove audiobooks from my iPod or computer? Only if you need the space. Consider an external Hard drive for your books, photos, music and relocate your iTunes Music Library to the hard disc. Also consider backing up your library by having it on both your C drive and an external drive.

See screen shot 21 below:


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Advanced>General>Settings file options, iTunes Music Folder location, default player


1.Keep iTunes Music Folder organized
2. Add files to iTunes Music Folder when adding to iTunes Library

Recommend check both.
1. Makes changes in file organization when you change library information.
2. Adds files from CD/DVDs and other files to iTunes Music Folder when added to iTunes Library. CD's and DVDs will not be present twice, btu other files will be duplicated on hard drive.
Note: Playlists do not duplicate files, merely an index to the single location.
Identifies iTunes Music Folder location and from which default location can be changed (say to an external hard drive). Click Change and browse to preferred location to establish new iTunes Music Folder Location. All music and audio books will have to be moved to the new location and added to iTunes Library. Use File>Add Folder, browse to new iTunes Music Folder location after moving audio and music files there.
Screen 23


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Choosing Manual or Auto Synch 1 of 3 P19b

Click here for Apple site: Using iPod with multiple computers

Connect iPod to computer.
If you wish to prevent autosynch upon connection:
While connecting the iPod to the computer, hold down the Shift + Ctrl keys in Windows (CMD + Option keys on a Mac). This will stop the iPod from auto sync’ing with iTunes and the iPod will appear in the source list. Wait until you are sure the iPod has mounted, and that it will not auto sync and then you can let the keys go. This may take between 3 and 25 seconds depending on your computer.

Then you can right click on the iPod icon in iTunes’ source column and select iPod Options, then check the box that says “Manually manage songs and playlists”. You can now manage your library without losing any songs on the iPod.

Choose Autosynch or Manually Manage Songs. After iPod is connected, Left click on iPod icon in lower right of iTunes window. Select iPod Tab, In window that opens, choose one of the following options:
1. To Auto Synch,
• Check 'Automatically update all songs and Playlists'
• Check 'Only update checked songs'
2. Manual: check 'Manually update songs and playlists' (recommend if using two computers)

Screen 19b; link to this post:
(R click>copy shortcut to grab full link)


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Keeping iPod from adding all books in iTunes onto iPod with autosynch 2 of 3 P26

A. Auto synch only: If you chose “Automatically update all songs and Playlists” in window shown in post above (1 of 3) and did not check “Only update checked songs” it will add each audio book in your iTunes Library to your iPod.
If you checked “Only update checked songs” above, iTunes will not add unchecked audio files to your ipod.

To uncheck a file/book highlight all books that you do not want on your iPod, right click and select “Uncheck Selection” to remove the check. [Or, L click on the check and it will check/uncheck individual files.]

Then connect iPod and iTunes will load only the checked audio books onto your iPod when it autosynchs.

With the possible exception of utilizing for backup, there is no reason to use iPod space with all your audiobooks on your iPod. However, transfering audio books from iPod to computer requires specialized shareware.

Screen 26


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Adding audio books with Manual Synch 3 of 3 P35

B. Adding audio books with Manual Synch: If you chose “Manually update songs and playlists” above, connect iPod. highlight the Library entry in Source Column. Sort the audiobook files into alphabetical order by clicking on the Name column heading until arrow points up, indicating ascending alpha order. Highlight the audio files you wish to place on your iPod and Left click drag and drop those to your iPod icon in the source column. Use same highlighting rules as above (Click on and First, hold down shift and highlight last file for all in between. Or, for individual scattered files, hold down Control and click on each file to highlight several).

See also: Search for file; Drag and Drop to iPod(46here)

Screen 35


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To Remove listened-to books from your iPod:

Highlight iPod icon in Source Column – you cannot remove from iPod by highlighting in a playlist -- highlight book, Right Click, and select Clear.

If using auto synch iTunes and iPod, unchecking a selection will remove it from iPod when iPod is connected to computer.

Screen 4


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