Extracting Audio from DVDs & Videos

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Here is some software to extract the audio from DVD's. Jodix has freeware you can use and the other two are shareware but CAS has a 30 day full use free trial offer. See the website for tutorials and other information about the software.



Jodix has freeware you can download to rip the audio from DVD's such as Free DVD MP3 Ripper, Free WMA to MP3 Converter and Free RM to MP3 Converter. See website for more information.

Super - Free
Just scroll down to read the information on how to use this software to extract audio from DVD's.


CAS Computer Application Studio has a 30 day free trial full use offer to try the software out before purchasing. Very easy to use and works great. I suggest you use this one for 30 days. The price is $32.50USD for a single license.

Audio Grabber will rip the audio from DVD's as well. See websites for more information. Price is $29USD.

Miraizon Cinematize 2 for both Windows and Mac's will extract only the audio from DVD files. Price is $59.95USD. (There is NO Pro version for Windows as of yet but coming in the near future for $129.95).


FREE way:You can use MactheRipper (freeware) to extract only AC3 stream. Then convert it to MP3 using mAC3dec.

Audio Hijack Pro - shareware $32USD

DVDxDV Pro (shareware about $80)

Miraizon Cinematize 2 for both Windows and Mac's will extract only the audio from DVD files. Price is $59.95 & Pro version is $129.95

This information was posted by someone on Apple discussions:
You could also go cheap and play the dvd on a regular dvd player, with a stereo mini jack into your sound input port and record it using iMove. Then dropping the Quicktime file into iTunes to burn to cd.

See this thread as well for tips:

iMovie FAQ

Check these websites for additional software to extract the audio from DVD's both Windows and Mac's:
www.versiontracker.com www.puremac.com

Free way to rip a DVD of audio and convert it. You need to use all 3 freeware apps: (Thanks to bobb-mini for posting what he uses).
DVD Decrypter's Stream mode + VirtualDUB's MPG version to extract to WAV then use a WAV to MP3 converter + CD-DA X-Tractor
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Using QuickTime Pro available for both Windows and Mac $30 (Apple Store)

1- Make a copy of the video file and place it on your desktop.
2- Open the file in QT Pro.
3- Select File > Export > Sound to wave
4- Under 'Save As' type in the title
5- Under 'Where' select the output location for the file
6- Then click 'Save' and wait for the file to complete.

In iTunes go to File>Add to library & locate the file, then click 'Open' to move the file into the iTunes library.

Under 'Preferences' > Import set the bit rate for the .WAV to be converted down to. Then under 'Advance' select 'convert selection to' either AAC or MP3 whichever one you selected will be viewable. Click on it and the file will begin to convert. When done you will have an audio file as well as a video. Just fill in the tags and your done.


MPEG Streamclip - for both Mac & Wiindows (supports XP & Vista)

1- Open file in MPEG Streamclip
2- Under File > select 'Export to Audio'
--Format: AIFF, MP4 AAC, & MP2 are your choices. Select MP4 AAC which will allow you to have the option to chose a bit rate. Since most videos will be a lesser bit rate this option is best. You can check the bit rate of the video file your ripping the audio from in iTunes. Just select the bit rate column to view it.
--Channels: Stereo, Mono (select Stereo)
--Sample Rate: Auto
--Bit Rate: AIFF 256kbps (greyed out). Files will be converted to this bit rate. MP4 AAC (can select a different bit rate). Chose the bit rate of the video file. You can't up convert the audio for a higher bit rate. MP2 will allow you to also select a bit rate. The bit rate choices are 16kbps to 256kbps.

Under 'Adjustments' the volume can be increased or decreased. Then click 'ok'.
Save As: input Title
Where: output location of file. Where you want it to be saved to.

Then wait for the file to finish and move it into iTunes and input the tag information.

For WINDOWS users only - Super (freeware) will rip the audio from .VOB files as well as converted video files per the website information. I haven't personally used it to rip the audio from a converted file but have used it to rip audio from .vob files.

Per the website:

-drag & drop any Audio file or even any VIDEO file and EXTRACT the AUDIO part by converting it to:
aac, ac3, amr_nb (for ring tones), amr_wb, mmf (for ring tones), mp2, mp3, mpc (MusePack), ogg, wav, wma formats.

Change (#1) the output container to MP3. Then convert the file. The output file will be C://program file/erightsoft/super/output
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