Earphones for iPhone w/ best mic


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I am looking for a pair of hopefully wireless earphones for my iphone that when I am talking on the phone the listener doesn't hear me mumbled, in a tunnel, or like I am far away. Is there something that would allow the listener to hear me as if I am talking straight from my iphone without earphones?

Has anyone tried those that are 2 separate little buds that go into your ear and don't fall out. They don't connect to each other with wires.

Just wondering! Thanks!!

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When you read reviews of various Bluetooth headsets/earpieces, there are always some people complaining about poor microphone performance while other people rave that the same product has excellent microphone sound. So many variables, including on the other end of the call, contribute that it is really hard to know what your experience will be. I can tell you that everyone I've spoken to using my PowerBeats3 have said the sound is fine. The new AirPods are coming out soon, so you might want to wait and see how well they work. I'm worried about them because I read that a lot of the problems they had that led to their delay were with getting the sound synchronized between each side without a wire between the, I'm suspicious that there will still be problems with that after the release on Monday. Depending on your budget, there are several other products that get good ratings.

BTW, anything you buy at Best Buy before Christmas can be returned as late as January 15th if you are not satisfied. They also price match Amazon on many things, though I am not sure if that applies to electronics.