Continuing the podcast I was listening to on iTunes

Howard Brazee

New member
I was at the Apple Store yesterday and the employees told me that I could start listening to a podcast on iTunes on my Mac, and then continue listening to that podcast on my phone later.

I decided to test this, and I can't even *find* the issue I was listening to on my iMac. So I found a different issue in both places and started it on my Mac. Then I went to my phone and started playing it - unfortunately, from the beginning.

Did I misunderstand the Apple Store employees?


Staff member
The employee was assuming a lot of things:
1. You subscribed to the podcast using iTunes on the Mac.
2. In iTunes you opened Preferences, went to the Store tab and checked Sync podcast subscriptions and settings
3. You use the Podcasts app on the iPhone
4. You are signed into iCloud on your Mac and your iPhone with the same ID.

If you had those steps done, then yes the employee is right.

In your case you had only subscribed on the phone. So the sync was not set up. I can't tell if the other steps were done or not.