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thank you!

This has been driving me absolutely crazy - previously I was reburning discs in itunes if the burn had been interrupted. Thank you! :)


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Additional help for burn from itunes on mac

I kept having failures in burns and turned to this site for help.

However, even though I set the start and end time correctly for the one CD out of 9 I was missing, itunes would not let me burn an audible file more than once. (This is despite audible's official help page directing me to do just as you have suggested here.) Ugh.

What it suggests here is a couple hints:

  • burn your CD at the lowest possible speed to minimize errors
  • use high quality CD-Rs (not CD-RW)
  • choosing FORMAT 4 when you download
I'm trying this now, with fingers crossed. I've already deleted my audible account because their customer service is horrendous and it's too complicated to link downloads with my ipod and kindle. Too bad because I want to support the podcast they have a deal with.

Anyway, hope this helps somebody else!