Choosing between 32G or 128G iPad5


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Hello everyone,

I've used an iPad2 with 16G since 2011, and now want to upgrade tot the new iPad5.

16G was adequate storage for my needs, but here's why I'm wondering about stepping up to 128G with the new iPad:

Last year I upgraded to iOS9, only because so many apps I use (travel, online banking) were no longer supported in iOS6. I have regretted it greatly. My iPad became painfully slow, to the point where I give up waiting for things to load (or stop crashing) and run upstairs to my desktop.

So, I want to get a newer iPad, solely because apps I use are no longer supported on the iPad2. .I obviously keep my devices for a long time, so my question for your consideration is:

Will a 128G iPad be more amenable to iOS upgrades over the years - I mean, was the 16G storage part of my problem with the iPad2 iOS upgrade? Was there just not enough room for the new iOS to maneuver?

Or is it more a matter of the processor, or some other factor.

Thank you for any thoughts you have to offer,
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The storage space has no bearing on the performance. It just allows you to have more apps, videos, songs, photos, etc. on your device. Apple calls it the iPad 9.7 just so you are aware.

For $100 to multiply the storage by 4 and not have to be concerned about space, that seems like a decent deal.

I would go big. App sizes keep going up. No one is making these developers stick to a restrained size. So it is possible that you may run out of storage on the smaller iPad.

I know I have to remove several playlists from my 16GB iPhone once work changed their mail system that made the folder system be on my iPhone. Nice to have a couple of weeks of email to refer to now and then, but when the attachments start flying I run out of space.

Go big.


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Completely agree with cjm - the cloud might work for photos and documents for example but apps are getting bigger all the time as is the OS as you said yourself. Better to have too much than too little.


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Thanks - thinking in terms of "$100 for 4 times as much space" seems very reasonable in light of how long I keep a device, and what developments might be on the horizon.

I agree that's a good investment in the future! Thanks to both of you for your help.



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I made the mistake of buying a 16gb iPad mini3 , worse choice ever. 16GB only allows a minimal amount of apps and downloads of tv and music. Now I always pay for the memory upgrade on phones and tablets, maybe not paying for the top option but certainly opting for 128gb and concerns with storage now. :D


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It's a no-brainer. More is better. For me, even 128 is not enough. I travel a lot (20 flying trips per year) and love to carry lots of digital comics, books and magazines on my iPad Pro, so I have the 512 KB 12.9" iPad Pro.


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There is a 256gig wireless the drive that you can stream stuff from to your phone. But then it’s one more thing to carry around. As I always say “GO BIG or go home!”

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