Cheap iPod and GEAR!


Hey people, check out . Put 'ipod' in their search box and check out these amazingly low prices!

iPods are 6 dollars cheaper and ship with free Altec Lansing speakers!

But thats not the best thing about the site! They have all the Belkin and XtremeMac gear for WAAAAAAY CHEAPER :p !!

For example, the XWire Gold cable from XtremeMac are priced at $12.95 each, while at eCost they're only $7.26!! Thats nearly 50% cheaper!

Also, they have all the good Belkin stuff that Apple sells with its iPod at its online store. Again, the Belkin Battery Pack at Apple Store costs $59.00, while at eCost its $44.42 !!!! How sweet is that! I'ma buy myself one of those... they'll come in handy for sure!


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about 3 years ago i ordered a pair of sony 888lp earbuds(at the time 70 bucks) with 2nd day fedes shipping, and they accidentally shipped me two shippments! and i was charged one... i was very happy


Step right up ladies & Gents', we've got ourselves a supah dupah deal right 'ere now!

These lovely belkin cases, russian technology, the best kit money can buy for only, brace yourselves, 12,95 a pop....

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