Case-Mate Tough Xtreme


I ordered and am using one of these and I was surprised not to see a review or at least a first look here at the site. For anyone in the market for a "slimmer otterbox" I highly recommend this case. Very secure feeling, screen protector sits flush on the phone with no air pockets and seemingly no color distortion. All ports are covered, and I must say I have been very impressed so far with how it handles drops, etc.

iLounge may want to take a look at this one, it absolutely destroys the Ballistic Every1 (case I used before it) in every category, and I saw this case received high marks from the staff.

Plus, it's relatively cheap, I got mine for $23 new over at Amazon, which isn't bad at all ($50 MSRP).

Just figured I'd post for anyone that is looking for a new case and for maybe iLounge to take a look.


For those interested to see it in real life first, I've seen these at several Office Depots, not in the phone case section mind you but near the front on end caps, etc in a box display. They had other Case-Mates for the iPhone 5 too but none are on the Office Depot website. I almost bought this case but went with the iSkin Fuze 360 instead. Also Case-Mate twitter, FB and email subscriptions send out coupons regularly. Usually 30% off or B1G1 free and they recently started doing custom Tough Extremes on their site as well.


Also I'll mention based off of ilounge criteria the home button and top button are not "clicky" but you will have no issues pressing either of them.