Cannot transfer itunes


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Am running Win7 and itunes v12.7.4.76
I had made a copy of my itunes and saved it to a different location and deleted my old itunes
I downloaded the same version of itunes back to my pc. I then
copied the old itunes folder to the new itunes folder in Music. The files transfered to the new folder but when I start itunes there are no playlists yet if I go to the itunes folder in Music and hover the mouse over itunes it says it has 24.8 gb what am doing wrong?
Thank you in advance


Staff member
You need to change the Media Folder location, Edit->Preferences, Advanced Tab, change the Media Folder location to your new one.

Then close iTunes, Hold SHIFT and start iTunes. When it asks to create or open a library, Navigate to the new location and select the iTunes Library.itl file from the new location.