Cannot find video files


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Hi all. I was hoping someoen could hepkl with the new itunes update (12.6.1). I have recently updated my itunes and I went to add my video files the way I normally do (drag and drop into my itunes library). As i was doing this my itunes froze and i had to close it using task manager. Since then i've not been able to see any of these video files on my itunes, however I knw they're there because my ipod won't sync as it says there is not enough space on my ipod. Does anyone know where my files are? :confused:


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Delayed response - vacation.

The videos should still be in the original location and they may also be in a secondary location if your iTunes is copying data to the iTunes Library when you add.

If they are in iTunes you should be able to go to the Movies section, then click on the Home Videos section (or Recently Added) to see them.

They should be located in your Users directory under Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Home Videos or if you have the old style Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Home Videos.