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Can someone suggest a reminders app for iPhone?


New member

I spent what seems like countless hours looking for an iPhone app to do the following:
(Note that I need all of these points to work in this app.)

(1) Have an ability to create a reminder with the following:
- Short title (example: "Check tire pressure")
- Optional description (any longer text)
- Specify date and time for reminder to trigger.
But be able to add any time, and not just divisible by 5 minutes!
(Example: "Dec. 1, 2016, 6:13 PM")
- Specify when to repeat.
Such as: never, daily, weekly, on N-th weekday, in N days, in N months, yearly, etc.
(Example: "Repeat every 3rd month")

(2) Be able to play a sound when reminder triggers.

(3) Show a badge number on the app's icon with the number of currently due reminders.

(4) Give me an ability to swipe away reminders that are done, thus decreasing the number on the badge icon.

Am I asking for too much? Why can't I find an iOS app to do this?


Staff member
Because outside of the not divisible by 5 minutes, that app is built into iOS. Why make a competing one with a slight feature change? Most people would use the built in app and put up with the divisible by 5 minutes.


Staff member
I did find a work around for the 5 minute difference. If you sync the reminders with Outlook, you can change the minute of the reminder from a divide by 5 to a particular minute. Now one of my reminders goes off at 9:02 instead of 9:00.

Jesse Hollington

Active member
Yup. If you set the Reminders through a compatible third-party app that allows you to type in the exact minute, that will sync into the iOS app properly. Even the web-based Reminders app on iCloud.com does this; it's strictly a limitation of the iOS Reminders app UI that prevents it. Similarly, Reminders synced from the macOS Reminders app or Outlook can have a wider variety of custom repeat options.

You can also create these directly on the iOS device using Siri. A command like "Remind me to Do Something at 7:13 PM today" will create the reminder appropriately. Siri has a few other hidden features related to Reminders as well — a reminder to "Call" somebody, for example, will automatically create a call link in that reminder; this is something that isn't really doable nearly using the tappable UI.

It's also worth noting that the iOS Reminders app has another unique feature that may be of interest, and that's the ability to have reminders fire off when you are getting into your car or out of your car. This is of course based on having a Bluetooth system in your car that your iPhone connects to, but I find it works really well for a lot of things. It came to mind because of your "Check tire pressure" example :)


New member
Everything you want is covered by Toodledo, with the exception of swiping but it does have tick boxes next to each task on the list to mark it as complete.
It has extra features I like too, such as importing from the built-in Reminders. That way you can still use Siri to add tasks if you want to.

Correction - Due times are in multiples of 5 minutes but if you could live with that I'd recommend it