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best way to record a concert


New member
I am trying to figure out the best way to record a concert with my iphone 4s. I can get alright recordings but sometimes it sound really distorted. Can anyone recommend a recording app and settings that would work best for concerts? Thank you.


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An app may help, but you will probably get better results using a better microphone. There are add on mics that will plug into the dock connector.


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I second to what goggleviZ has said. A high quality recorder (better get the one for professional use) may give you the quality you're looking for.
But if you really wanna make do with what an app could offer then I think there should be a good, more stable way of how you handle your iPhone while recording, position and location wise.
I do think it will always be distorted especially if you're taking it from a concert considering the noise around and the like, so good luck!


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The best kept secret

I receantly purchase a set of ear buds that have a built in mic. Andrea Electronics sb205b I didn't really care about the mic when I bought them I really liked the sound. The company touted the mic as 3D recording technology... what ever that means. However I saw Poision over the summer and gave them a shot and WOW! I was floored. it sounded awesome. Now i have the earbuds with me always and when something is worth recording I record it and since it looks like im listening to music on my Iphone no one ever bugs me. very stealthy.


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Hello! Since I always have my iPhone with me wherever I go, it has been the perfect tool to be used to record whatever I need to. I personally use an iPhone 6s and before that, I used an iPhone 5. They both gave me really good quality recordings and if you are still wondering what to use, I will suggest that you consider these Apple devices! However, any other next-gen mobile device can also do the job these days!


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"Kimd" it's an App that allows you to record without disturbing the crowd with crystal clear visibility. I'm saying this because I have used it many times & trust me, result was awesome.