Autobiography of a Schnook


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Wow, I realized I haven't posted on iLounge in years....but hey...

Just wanted to give a cheap, shameless plug to my new podcast. It's a podcast about...well, me.

Why should you care? I...honestly don't know. I'm nobody special - I'm not a celebrity, politician, first responder, veteran, author, rock star, or even one of those people who's famous just for being famous (in fact, I'm not famous at all) -- I'm just a schnook!

It hit me years ago that when you're at a book store or library, the biography sections are full of, well...famous and important people. Well, I get tired of that. I want to know about the average schnook! I thought that maybe I should publish my autobiography and call it Autobiography of a Schnook. Problem: anytime I sat down to write a book, I never actually came close to finishing it...not even finishing one chapter. (Hmm, now that I think of it, I AM a published author...but it was a book on garden ponds that had a small run, and quite truthfully, I know nothing about making a garden pond -- my boss offered me a thousand bucks and literally dropped about a dozen books on my desk and asked me to write a 60-page manuscript and use those books for research.)

However...I am an experienced podcaster, having done over 100 episodes of different why not take my idea of a book about an average nobody and make it a podcast?

Anyway, if you're curious, check it out -- not even kidding, I've gotten some pretty flattering praise from people...which shocked the hell out of me. I guess we schnooks are interesting after all??

The URL is The podcast is available on all the major podcast providers I can think of - Stitcher, iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play, etc. - and if you enjoy it, leave a review and tell people!