Auto shut off for audiobooks


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but it is related to audiobooks.

I often listen to audiobooks at night and tend to fall asleep while the book is still playing. Is there a way to set a timer/clock in order for the audiobook to automatically stop after a given amount of time?


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Not that I am aware of.
You could create a playlist just before going to bed that has 1 or 2 audiobook tracks in it (the number would depend on the amount of time you want and how long the tracks are) and listen to that playlist when you go to bed. Only those tracks would play.


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What are you using to play the audiobook? The Timer in the Clock app included in iOS for the iPhone and touch works perfectly fine when set to "When timer ends - Stop playing". The Clock app is supposed to come to the iPad in iOS 6 but for now the free app Sleep is the best option. The iPad has some restrictions for back ground tasks so the app should be the top app running.