Auto (FM transmitter & power) kit for new ipod?


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Does anyone have one they really like for the new ipods?

I have a cd player in my car so I guess I need one of the fm transmitter kind. would like to get the cig lighter power source too I guess, but I don't drive that much each day so its not necessary.

I've seen the Belkiin one at Best Buy for $30, looks like it would work right now since its only a headphone connector? Is it any good?

I really like the look of the iTrip, but it doesn't fit the new ipods does it? & I don't really want to put a ipod stand in my car either, I'd like something stylish & simple.

I live in Ft Lauderdale & have heard about bleed in city areas? I'm not a stickler for sound quality but don't want any hiss or anything noticeable.

any suggestions appreciated


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i just tried a fm modulator today. they are basicly the same as the transmitters, but they are supposed to be a bit better. they actualy hook into the stereo antena... so there is no worry about bleed.

i spent about an hour hooking the whole thing up.... listened to it for less than ten minutes and disconnected the whole mess!

it just didn't sound right. the best word i can think to explain it would be "flat"

now i never considered myself a stickler for sound quality either, but this just didn't sound good. i decided i'll just continue to copy my cd's and listen to them in the car. better sound and save the wear on the ipod.

if you have to listen to mp3's in the car get a deck that plays mp3's and burn your collection to cd's

the thought of hook'n the ipod up in the car is cool, but not realy woth it


I have the iRock and I am not impressed. There are a couple problems:

1. The power is very easily turned on with a big stupid button on the front. You CANNOT keep it in a bag. *poof* The batteries are now drained.
2. The transmitting sucks. I do not live in a large city but I still get lots of static on every frequency I try. I just took it on a trip up the coast of California to S.F., and even in very desolate areas it sucked! New batteries do not help.

I would not buy this product or recommend it to anyone. Matterafact, I'm looking for something that works better.