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Anyone convert Media Center recorded TV to iPod???


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I've asked this in the iTunes forum...I've looked all through this forum ...does anyone know how to convert my windows media center recorded tv to ipod format??...I've been told videora(which I couldn't download for some reason) I'm using Apollo right now unless there is a better suggestion...I understand how all the converter programs work(I think), but I cannot find my "recorded tv" in my files...the only program i can bring them up in is sonic mydvd...but it doesn't show their location...i can find media center programs but nothing appears after that when i click on it...any help is GREATLY appreciated...thanxs, Lairmo...


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I just converted a few DVR-MS files from Media Center yesterday using iPod Drop. No problems that I've seen so far. Or you could use DVRMStoolbox to convert them to MPEG and then use videora to convert to ipod format.