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America and her brains have gone soft


New member
Mobile devices everywhere. You walk into Walmart. The first thing you see is somebody staring at a zombie device. Walk into Target, the clinic, the hospital, a hardware store, a cafe, the bathroom, it doesn't matter where...

All you see now is women staring at these zombie devices. They are transfixed to them. Walking out of cafes leaving their children behind because the parents are so glued to the screen.

It is in fact an epidemic.

Then there's all the #### movies coming out of Hollywood...

Batman Mask of the Phantasm? Shin Godzilla? Kong Skull Island?Boss Baby? Doctor Strange? Power Rangers?


Pure ####...

Does anyone know how to compose a simple letter and buy a postage stamp?

Does Hollywood have it in them to come up with some good movies with dramatic, well written dialog while dumping the stupid comedic one-liners?

Probably not...

Soft brains. Simple minds are easily amused.

Pretty sad.