6th-gen iPod no longer recognized


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I run the latest iTunes on my primary Windows 10 desktop. I updated it to 12.9 a couple of weeks ago and updated my iPhone 7+ to iOS 12 when it became available. I had been updating my playlists and went to sync them to my 6th generation iPod Classic and iTunes wouldn't recognize it. :mad:

I found some information about downgrading, reinstallation, and a few other tricks. I didn't want to mess with any of them because everything was working fine with my iPhone and I didn't want to screw that up. I came up with a brilliant idea... or so I thought.

I made sure any traces of iTunes were removed from my laptop. I located a download of iTunes 12.4 and installed it. I connected my iPod to it and everything worked as expected. Now, I'm trying to get to my music library on the other computer. Specifically, I want to be able to see my existing playlists and sync them to my iPod.

I have been successful in seeing my library via home sharing but I can only play those songs, I can't do anything with them where they can be transferred to my iPod. Plan B was to map my iTunes folder as a network drive which worked fine but even pointing to that iTunes Media folder I don't see any playlists.

I actually understand why this is not easy. Apple doesn't want someone to bring their laptop onto your network, connect to your library, and leech all of your presumably copyrighted music to their device. I just know there's a way around it. Without actually moving the music folder on my laptop to a network resource, is there a way to make iTunes think that's where it is and use the library on my desktop as if it's local to my laptop?



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First off, the iPod classic issue is just the driver.

This is usually caused by a driver issue. First I would try a reboot.
If that does not help the sync issue, Apple has their help on that: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204095
Follow the steps in the driver section.

Or you can do it by hand:http://forums.ilounge.com/ipod-classic-legacy-ipods/287097-ipod-classic-gen-5-not-detected-recognized-pc-itunes-plz-help.html#post1453579

As for getting iTunes to run on a second computer, there are additional steps needed there.

** I don't recommend running 2 iTunes as it will get out of sync and doubles your backups **

You would need to back up your iTunes folder (assuming all your music is under the iTunes folder) from the 12.9 system and restore on the 12.4 system in the Music folder overwriting everything.

Then you need to figure out when you upgraded from 12.4.
If 12.4 was what you were running when you just upgraded, then the file you need is the last iTunes Library <date>.itl file in the Previous iTunes Libraries folder.
12.4 was released in May 2016, so that is the earliest date you should be using.

1. Close iTunes
2. Copy the iTunes Library <date>.itl file from the Previous iTunes Libraries folder where <date> is the date you upgraded and put it in the iTunes folder
3. Delete iTunes Library.itl file
4. Rename iTunes Library <date>.itl back to iTunes Library.itl
5. Open iTunes