512 and got 1 GB wtf!!


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Is this posible .... my friend told me that he bought a Shuffle 512
and he got a 1 GB ... not an Upgraded but a mistake

the box and the usb said 512 but it was a 1 GB ... wtf!!

is this posible ... if yes i hope they make this mistake more offend


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Same Thing Happened to me but it was an "employee" error,i gave them my "DEAD" 512 mb shuffle and they Accidentally gave me an 1gb.....


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Moose Hunter said:
that's true. I mean, hey, who doesn't have nothing but 2 minute songs?

:p sounds amazing, what a lucky thing to have
Most of my collection is Punk, so most of my tunes are roughly 2 mins long (gotta love the thought that goes into punk song writing) . . . Right now i've got 180 tunes on my 512mb iPod shuffle :D


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I fit about 150 on my sister's shuffle, some short (Batman theme song), and some long (If I Had $1000000 Live). So if you had all short, you could easily fit more onto the 512MB shuffle, even if it is only 491MB.

[EDIT] I just did a test playlist, and got 219 songs, ranging from 0:00 to 3:07 (very few under 1:30) into 491.6MB, very close to what the shuffle holds.
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