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5 Strange Replies from sdrthsrthen

Max Dread

New member

I got 5 email notifications this afternoon for 5 different threads that I started. All of them were from the same person: sdrthsrthen. They were all quite meaningless (i.e. just repeated the end of my post and things like that). I've just logged in and none of the threads are showing these replies.

Any ideas as to what is going on?

Let me know if further details from me are needed..

The user was banned as they were trying to spam the forums, it happens quite a bit. People/bots will quote either the first or last sentence (or two) from a post and make it look like it's their own. They do this to increase post counts so they can put links to their spam in the forums (or in their signatures). Don't worry about it, all is good.

Max Dread

New member
That explains it then! First time I've come across that. At least I'll know what's going on if it should happen again anywhere. Thanks for explaining.


Staff member
I got them too. So I banned the guy. If he complains we'll let him know to post useful stuff, and reinstate him. Typically they never come back and complain.


I sooooo do not miss being a mod and co-admin (music boards, some years back) b/c of folks like that....

A big THANK YOU to those of the iLounge forums. I have learned so much here over the years, and I realize you all keep it running smoothly with a lot of behind the scenes work we often forget about.


Bots are the worse. I think I officially had it when I would see all the x-rated visuals being spammed, there were little ones on those forums... Lots of times you could pre-ban a repeated offender "new user" based on their not so intelligent permutation of their name, then checking the IP address.

BTW THANK YOU as well as I've seen lots of your helpful answers recently at the Apple forums on my recent web searches re: iPhone Backups.