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2011 Consumer Electronics Show



New member
Dec 13, 2010
I'm going to be in Las Vegas until Jan 7th and just found out that the show starts Jan 6th. I have a few questions.
As an ordinary consumer, is there any reason for me to try to attend?
If so, how do I get in? It looks like you need to be associated with the industry somehow.
Given that I only have one day, if I do go, does anyone have recommendations as to what I should spend my time visiting?

Feb 21, 2004
There really is no need for you to go to CES unless you are in the electronics industry or a professional tech writer (ie not someone who just posts blogs). Websites such as Engadget will provide up to the minute coverage and even live feeds of press conferences. So you will be able to obtain your information through that. The only thing that you would be missing is actually getting to spend time with some of the products. That isn't a big deal as most of these products are released that week, maybe later in the month, and in February at the latest. It is not like E3 where you get to play demos of games that won't be released for 6 months or maybe even a full year. Even after all of that, you would have to know somebody up high in order to get in as tickets for CES are already gone. People plan this event a year in advnace so that everyone get obtain the amount of tickets they need.

Compound that with the expensive process of getting in, not to mention that you have to be a member of the press or with a tech company, and you just aren't going to be able to get into the show. As I said, there is no real reason to go to CES unless you just can't wait a week to play with the new dual-core Android handsets and you have the ~$500 to do so and are willing to bribe a few other people just to get in as you didn't obtain a ticket back in January/February.

So yeah, you have about a snowball's chance in Hell of getting into this year's CES.