2 Ipods on one computer ... is that the problem?


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I installed one ipod on my computer (xp) 2 months ago and it works fine. I got one as a gift. That one seemed to install and have songs transferred onto it but the lights continually went amber-green and eventually did nothing. I returned it. I got another shuffle and went through the process again. This one is recognized by itunes, indicates songs are on it, the green light is on, but I don't hear anything. To add insult to injury, i was on the apple chat until midnight ... yes i know they are in india ...:shake: i'm exhausted. the bottom line from the "program specialist" was there was something wrong with the sound card (?) in the Ipod. It isn't a headphone problem. my headphones work in another ipod. I am sooo frustrated. I wonder: should I have not installed the 2nd CD and just inserted the new ipod.. is that the problem? It's one computer with one account. One one itunes, just our own personal libraries. help .. i am so frustrated. Maybe i got two bad ipods? maybe it's just me? please please i beg .. hahaha The apple site is not helpful. I have restored, reset, all that ....


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I use one computer with one install of iTunes with my shuffle, my video, and occasionally my boyfriend's nano, and we've never had any problems.

Maybe you should try completely uninstalling iTunes from your computer, then install it once and try to get it to recognise both ipods.

Good luck.
Once iTunes is installed, you don't need to use the CD from the second iPod... but it shouldn't of done any harm.