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  1. cjmnews

    Mine is an older version was wondering what I would gain by a newer model?

    Then you may only get more space or better battery life. I don't really see a need for you to upgrade unless you want either of those things.
  2. cjmnews

    Mine is an older version was wondering what I would gain by a newer model?

    You will get the newest version of iOS, which allows the new versions of apps to be installed and used. Not to mention the newer hardware will run things faster, which will be noticeable. What I find with my aging iPad, is that as the iOS versions move farther away from what I am using (they...
  3. cjmnews

    Classic adapter into lightning connector

    There are many product that only work with a small number of devices. You have one that only works with newer classics. You will need to use the apple cable for charging yours.
  4. cjmnews

    iLounge Forum Updated

    That's more like it
  5. cjmnews

    Page freezing

    Have you cleared your cache? Settings->Safari->Clear History and Website Data If you go to the same site with a computer, does it have a popup? Perhaps the Block Popup settings is making this happen. Settings->Safari->Block Pop-ups, turn it off. If this does not fix it, turn it back on...
  6. cjmnews

    iLounge Forum Updated

    Is the Lounge restricted access? In the previous incarnation I thought it was open to lots of people. I don't see the old Restricted Access Areas.
  7. cjmnews

    iLounge Forum Updated

    I have seen some of the controls for spam. It will take a bit to figure out what we want to do with this. I suggest some pruning of old stickies, and some moderator and above only forums so these type of posts are not public. We don't need to have public viewing of how we handle spammers.
  8. cjmnews

    iLounge Forum Updated

    It is a fresh look, and will take some time to get used to. I have altered my default bookmarks since the pages I was using no longer exist. I am not a fan of 2 factor authentication (I use a password manager, so I never lose my passwords), but at least you did it right using the phone app...
  9. cjmnews

    iTunes 12.7 released

    The notes they had on it were confusing with regard to apps, books and ringtones. iTunes has moved iTunes U content (classes and lectures) into the Podcasts area, which seems logical. Then they assume that all devices will upgrade to iOS 11 (which not...
  10. cjmnews

    iOS 10.3 upgrade - Choose your iCloud settings wisely

    This looked like a nice upgrade, Ear Pod finding, new file system, Car Play upgrades, and more. You can see a better write up on iLounge: Apple releases iOS 10.3 with Find My AirPods, Siri + CarPlay improvements | iLounge News The interesting thing on this upgrade is iCloud access is enabling...
  11. cjmnews

    iOS 10.2

    The latest version of iOS 10.2 is out. Apple has their official list of changes here: In the 12 hours that I have had it, this is what I have found: 1. Voice Control seems to be disabled by default. Initially I had to turn on Siri (yuck!) and enable it to...
  12. cjmnews

    iTunes 12 Reset Play Counts (Plays)

    Apple in their infinite wisdom removed a feature that many of us use to manage audiobooks with smart playlists. That is the Reset Plays menu item. Prior to iTunes 12, you could select a set of tracks, right click and choose Reset Plays and it would set the play count to 0. Helpful when you...
  13. cjmnews

    Have you tried to use the scrollbar in the iTunes Store?

    This seems to be an iTunes Store only issue. Try to use it without the scroll wheel of your mouse. Click on the bar to move part way down the page. See the sluggish delay? Now try to click and hold the up or down arrow on the scroll bar and watch how it hesitates. I've seen this on Win 7...
  14. cjmnews

    Itunes Giving Free Gifts

    Note that the link shown in text ( does not match the link this takes you to ( so I would be wary clicking the link.
  15. cjmnews

    Can not backup with iTunes - Error

    Well, this is a first, I am asking for help. I have submitted most of this information to Apple but I thought I would run it by you all as well. Using iTunes 7.1 I was able to use iTunes to backup my 18 GB collection to DVD-RW. When I went to do another backup with iTunes 7.2 I got errors...