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  • Hi there. I noticed you posted WAY back in 2006 the following re: running music via Airport Express. "I've done this for work - we're in the process of rolling this solution to 150 sites so that a set music playlist can be played in our stores..."
    The store that I work at is expanding to a new location down the street, and I'm in charge of setting up the music system. I'm using currently a Mac Mini Server 2010 edition. Additionally, I have a MacBook that is used regularly, and and iPad. My initial idea was to set up the server in the upstairs office and run the hospitality music wirelessly downstairs via a couple of Airport Expresses (and Airfoil - I want to run one soundtrack in the retail and one in the lounge area). However, the new place appears to be wired with CAT5 cable.
    What would you recommend for setting up a system like I described? Your post from way back gave me hope that there might be a way to pull this off without too much expenditure.
    Thanks for your time.
    Admin for these forums are snipers :p
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