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  • I was also relooking for this document, I thought I recognised that name :). OK, so you do things differently now I see, can I assume from what you say below though that having all those playlists set up doesn't actually work anymore?


    Haha, yes, that's me. If you happen to come back and see this (not sure how I missed this for 5 months, but I don't hit the front page of the forums very often any more), here is a link to the last finished version of the document I published:

    I halted updating the document back in 2010 because of the numerous bugs and broken features Apple introduced and, sad to say, *nothing* has been improved since then other than fixing the playlist order bug (although it has made numerous reappearances because they fail to update their library code).

    What I do today is have the entire system on my desktop iTunes and merely sync over a series of large filtered playlists that I shuffle while out and about.

    Hopefully I've found the right person. YEARS ago I downloaded a PDF with a managed smart playlist structure went. It had lists that began XXX:OLD XXX:NEW etc etc in a really well organised structure. I've used it to manage my iPods and then iPhones since implementing it, its perfect. Long story short. New iMac=lost PDF and I've also accidentally deleted my playlists.

    Please tell me the author is you, you still have a copy somewhere safe and you're willing to share it.

    Thanks in advance



    Sorry if I'm sounding like a stalker/pain in the ###. I just managed to find a document by scouring the forums. Its Version 5 labelled 2004-2007. So if you're Charles, before I start recreating all these lists is there a newer version? How are you managing stuff now?
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