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Chrisman 01-24-2018 02:39 PM

uploading ITunes library from thumbdrive
Dear iLoungers, Im wanting to get my old PC iTunes music library onto my newer Laptop. I believe Ive suceeded , with great effort, in downloading (from 'Hippo') version onto the new laptop. Likewise I believe I have my 'old iTunes' library on a thumbdrive that is plugged in. Using basic skills and best guesses, Ive not been able to upload the Library. It is aboout 5.7 GB, and the source version is, if these matter. I havent tried it, out of fear, but can I possibly drag the whole of the thumbdrive (F:) and drop it into the ''recently added page of iTunes (Itunes is empty, of course)? Thanks for your help.

cjmnews 01-25-2018 10:57 AM

First off you would have to be selecting only the music tracks, I don't think folders would actually work. Secondly this would just get your music tracks without copying the library. Making you Erase and Sync all your devices to the new iTunes.

To prevent the Erase and Sync process you would need to
Close iTunes
copy the iTunes folder from the thumb drive (or old system) and drop it into your Music folder (C:\Users\<login>\Music typically) and overwrite all existing files.
Open iTunes and your library will be there with all your playlists.

Play a track that you can find. If it plays you are all done.
If it asks you to locate it, then click on the Locate button, navigate to where that track is located (Usually C:\Users\<login>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music\<Artist>\<Album>\<TrackName>.<ext>) and then it may ask if you want to update all the tracks in your library and you say YES. Then you should be able to play any track.

Chrisman 01-25-2018 05:05 PM

Dear cjmnews, thanks for your advising. I WAS able to 'copy' the thumbdrive contents, and the music titles and aparently artwork, etc I find in 'My Music' The hitch is that iTunes when open is devoid of anything. Within the file dropdown and, further within 'Library,' is an option called 'organize library' and this window offers the option to 'consolidate files' which says that it copies into the iTunes Media folder. MIght this be the path? Thanks again for your help. Oh, yes, and do you know how I can select to be notified via email when responses are made to my post? Thanks

cjmnews 01-25-2018 09:12 PM

I guess you missed the detail: "copy the iTunes folder from the thumb drive (or old system) " which would have made it all work.

You can fix this 2 ways.

1. Close iTunes. Figure out which folder all those music files were originally located in the old system. Typically it would be C:\users\<login>\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music and then put the files in the same folder on your new system. You may need to create folders for that to happen. Then get a copy of the iTunes Library.itl file from the old system (in the iTunes folder, you may want to grab all the files there just in case, not the folders) and put those files in the iTunes folder in the new system. Open iTunes and see that your library is populated and play a track as described above.

2. Use the File->Add Folder to library to import the music from where it is. Create all new playlists and erase and sync your devices.

The ability to get email responses should be able to be set a couple ways.
1. Click on the Topic Tools button above and choose Subscribe to this Thread.
2. There is a setting somewhere in the Quick Links at the bottom to subscribe to all threads you post into. I don't feel like looking for it, as this is the second time I have responded to this. I lost the first response clicking it.

Chrisman 01-26-2018 03:11 PM

Dear cjmnews, It worked ! Thanks for all your Help---and Patience Whew

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