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Topic: My complaints about iTunes

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Old 08-13-2017, 09:08 PM
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My complaints about iTunes

This is a post with one purpose and one purpose only: to vent my frustrations about iTunes. I'm not looking for help, for how to fix problems, to report a bug, just to vent. If anyone wants to suggest a fix or report a bug, by all means be my guest, but I probably won't read your response or take you seriously, so do it for your own sake, not mine.

I'm on Windows 10.

Complaint #1: iTunes doesn't keep track of the songs I've downloaded. This has happened numerous times. I've purchased a song a while back, yet when I try to look it up in my library it's not there. I'm able to find it if I browse to the folder, so it's not like I've lost the song, but this should embarass the programmers at Apple. When I try to download the song again, it tells me I've already got it. Make up your mind iTunes!!! Do I have it or not?!

Complaint #2: iTunes keeps deleting Run Run Run by Junge Junge from my playlist. I download the song and paid for it. I added to my playlist. I synced with my iPhone. It was on there, I listened to it, and it was great. Then one day, for some unknown reason, the song disappeared from my playlist. I added the song back onto my playlist, I re-synced, and it got back on there. Great! Then about a day or two later, IT WAS GONE AGAIN!!! GAWD!!! WHY?!?! So the last thing I did was I brought the song into Audacity and exported it, hoping that iTunes wouldn't recognize it as the same song (thinking that iTunes hates the song for some reason), put it back on, and it's now there again. Hopefully it doesn't disappear again.

Complaint #3: speaking of that playlist, when I put the song back on and re-synced, it created a duplicate playlist. I called it Summer 2017. After syncing again, it created Summer 2017 and Summer 2017 1. The song exists on Summer 2017 but not on Summer 2017. Summer 2017 is not the only playlist that this happens with. It happens consistently, which tells me it's by design, not a bug, but why? If I change a playlist, I mean to change the playlist, not create another version of it. If I wanted to create a second version of the playlist, I would have created a second version. Not a big deal but it is annoying having to uncheck the duplicate playlist AFTER syncing and then syncing again just to take the second playlist off my iPhone, and then delete the second playlist from my library.

Complaint #4: iTunes keeps telling me there's a later version I should download. It tells me this when I first start iTunes. If I launch iTunes, it's not because I want to update the version, it's because I want to listen to music, or download a song, or create a playlist. But I understand, Apple wants to inform me, to keep me up-to-date, which is all good, but if I cancel or say 'not now', I should at least have the option of updating later. So when I'm done making my new playlist, for example, I should be able to go to Help > Check for updates, and if iTunes knew what it was talking about when it told me there is a newer version available, it should find the latest update... but it doesn't. It tells "This version of iTunes... is the latest version." Like WTF!!! Is iTunes on crack? Ok, so I've got the latest version. Maybe the "update" it was talking about wasn't a latest version per se, but maybe a firmware update or something. So I close iTunes and restart it, the wild and crazy idea being that if it prompted me to do an update the first time I launched, it should do the same upon launching it the next time... but no, this time it doesn't tell me about any updates. So if I ever DID want to update iTunes, I've got only one chance, and that's whenever the #### it feels like telling me I need to update, and since that's only ever been when I launch iTunes, I'm forced to sit through a lengthy update process (usually prompting me to restart my computer once done) before I get to do what I actually wanted to do in iTunes. Really, you guys at Apple could, oh I don't know, save the prompting for when I CLOSE iTunes, not when I start it. At the very least, figure out whether I ACTUALLY HAVE the latest version or not before prompting me.

Complaint #5: I now get advertisements while I listen to my mixes. This one ain't so bad since the developers at Apple must have brilliantly realized they need to give the listener the option of closing the advertisement. But the first time I started seeing advertisement while listening to my mix, this is what happened: All of a sudden, the song I was listening to stopped and I song from a completely different mix started. I look at my iPhone: there was this big ugly advertisement blocking the whole screen. I forget the details, but it was like a music sampling app which would only cost me the low low price of $3.49 a month. All I had to do was click 'subscribe'! WOW!!! Except that the 'subscribe' button was the ONLY button available. I didn't get a 'no thanks', or 'cancel', or 'maybe later', just 'subscribe so that this advert goes away' (ok, not in so many words). I clicked the home button, got back to the home screen, clicked on Music again, and the advert was STILL THERE!!! I had to settle for listening to my other playlist, the one I DIDN'T choose to listen to, which wasn't THAT bad considering I liked that playlist too... but then a few minutes into it, again it randomly selected another song from a completely different playlist. I looked at my iPhone again, the advert was gone. I was able to go back to my original playlist and resume the song I was listening to. Awesome! Since then, the advert has come back a few times, but at least this time the genius programmers at Apple recognized there was a need for options. The user needs the option of closing the advert or returning to the playlist. And they also managed to NOT scramble the music I'm listening to, that's a nice bonus. Still, I hate adverts. Why you guys gotta be intruding into my music now?
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Old 08-14-2017, 01:55 PM
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You probably won't read this but what ads?? I've never heard ads in my music in iTunes or my iPhone (which I think you are mixing up in point 5 but whatever).
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Old 08-15-2017, 11:02 AM

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1. iTunes losing tracks is typically not true. You might see this if you crash your windows or iTunes just after downloading a song, then it may lose track as the library has not been saved yet. You can also see this if your hard drive is going bad. Generally though, this is not the case. My iTunes has not lost a track in 12 years of use, including upgrades, migration across 5 computers and 3 operating systems.

2. Songs disappearing out of playlists is usually this is caused by users, but can also be caused by the same issues as #1. Crashes and bad hard drives failing to save the library. Users will do things like move the song with Windows Explorer to another folder, not being aware that it breaks the link with iTunes and the next sync will cause the song to get erased from the device and the song will be skipped in the playlist.

3. You added the song in the iPhone, and since iTunes is the "master" and it does not have the song in the list there is a conflict. iTunes deals with the conflict by creating the new copy of the playlist with the changes from the phone. Letting the user fix the iTunes how they want.

I really think your lack of saving the iTunes library is causing the issues. Are you using a NAS for iTunes? There are some issues with network stored iTunes libraries and saving.

4. Yes this is how it goes, and I would say a lot of software does this. The prompt could have been for something other than iTunes like an iCloud update. You can always run Apple Software Update in your start menu to update the components around iTunes as well as iTunes. Some updates are really important so it can be useful to apply them even when you are trying to do something else.

5. I agree with decafjava - this is not an iTunes complaint and there are no ads in the Music app on the iPhone. Unless you are using a 3rd party music player app, like with a streaming service (pandora, spotify, etc.) then there should be no ads at all. I suppose you could have a different app running that pauses your music and shows you an ad, like a game you were playing, but it sounds like you have a different app on your phone that needs to be removed. Typically you can close these ads by tapping in the one of the top corners, usually the right side.

Have you backed up your iTunes Library this week? If not, you are risking losing your music and playlists....
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Topic: My complaints about iTunes

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